The Truth about Life

God said:

Your Being is always content. Your Being, or Beingness, has never had a sense of lacking anything or needing anything. The world stepped in, and now you tend to think of what you don’t have and are certain you have to have it. Or, perhaps you take as gospel that, under your circumstances, the only thing you can be is unhappy? You who are full of Being have the idea that you are needing. Your stance is that, if you don’t have something, you are lacking it and needing it, and so you find yourself feeling bereaved to one degree or another.
The concept that it is good for you to come from is that you do have everything. This is so. You have everything within you, and you have all the resources within you. There is nothing to fuss about, for you have everything.
You feel an upwelling within you that says that what I say is a glorified expression that does not really apply to life in the world. You know very well that you are short of something. You know you chipped your fingernail polish. You know your good friend moved away. You know you don’t have a job and so on. And you, who experience some degree of loss and annoyance or panic about whatever it may be, don’t want to hear from Me or anyone that everything is fine and dandy, for this is not your experience, and you are the one experiencing.
Beloveds, you associate change with loss when change is moving along and getting somewhere. Your unhappiness starts from your very thoughts that you are lacking and missing out and that this lack you perceive is a serious injustice to you, perhaps even a persecution of you. You may well feel that no one’s dreams are to be resisted, most certainly not yours. For what reason would your dreams be thwarted – there is no reason that makes sense to you. Why on Earth is there any good reason for you to be denied in full or in part your dreams? You may even feel that life is out to get you or out to trip you up. Life teases you. Life interferes with your happiness. Life beckons you and then shoots you in the foot. Life, from your perspective, has fought the fulfilling of your dreams tooth and nail. Something has.
You get closer and closer to the realization of your dreams, and then, as you see it, the carpet is pulled away from under you. Who does that? God? You? Some saboteur who haunts you?
There is neither guilt nor blame because life has its own way and gives you a merry chase. There is no misfiring of the rules even though you believe there is fault, a wrong of one kind or another. You feel that something in life has been misconstrued. Beloveds, it is you, often enough, who have misconstrued it. Why blame life for your lack of understanding? It’s not life’s fault that you expect life to go your way without questions asked.
Life is not out to get you. Life is out to make you happy. Life is outguessed when you are not happy with it. What comes in life, comes in life. Perhaps life didn’t see ahead either. In a way, life is a Johnny-Come-Lately. Life doesn’t plot against you. Nor is life arguing your case one way or another. Life is amenable. You simply weren’t looking. Life is not responsible for your lapse. You are. Were you disillusioned? In order to be disillusioned, you had to be illusioned. Life pushes you forward, and through life, no matter how wayward it may seem, life urges you or even pushes you to grow.

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I Love Life

Life is Change and Change is a constant. How fortunate is this Truth? I am happy to in vision perceptions tranquill end. ;-)