The Sun and the Moon

God said:

You are your own change of scene. Whatever it is you see, it is you who sees it. Wherever it is you go, it is you who goes there. Wherever it is you stay, it is you who stays there. Whatever you think of, it is you who thinks of it. Whenever you are happy, it is you who is happy. Whenever you are sad, it is you who is sad.

Are you not then the creator of your world? Does not the world dance to your tune? Are you not a dance master of the universe, appointed by God to twirl the world in an ecstasy of delight? Are you not a whirling Dervish on the face of Earth? Do you not say Spin, and the world spins? Do you not run to catch up to that which you have set in motion? Are you not perhaps just catching up to where you have been?

A fast dance isn't better than a slow one. A slow dance isn't better than a fast one. All dances are dances. They are all movement and grace.

We could say the Moon is your mother and watches over you in gentleness, and the Sun is your father and makes demands on you. The yellow Sun warms you while seeming at a distance to keep you from being burned in his fire. The white Moon cools you. Blessed by the Sun and the Moon, you maintain an even temperature.

So is Human life filled with contrast so you can know evenness. You experience life as you dodge from one pole or another. You try to find the median line, and always you are dancing. Hopscotch is the game you play on Earth, on one foot at a time.

Certainly joy is preferred over sadness. Certainly I tell you to enjoin joy more than you do sadness. Now I will tell you that sadness yet is a joy; it is a comfort to you. If joy is a pillow you rest your head on, sadness is also a pillow you lie on. Joy and sadness are both pillows. One is bright, and one is pale. With joy, you jump. With sorrow, you lie down and weep.

Although I recommend that you linger in joy rather than in sorrow, sorrow, like the Sun and the Moon, has its own value. Sorrow is just a branch of joy. Sorrow tells you some good things. It tells you that you care and that it is a fine thing to care. Sorrow is not a house to dwell in, yet it's not such a bad place really. It is simply another abode. It is one note on the scale of life. All notes have their beauty.

Now I will tell you not to even judge sorrow. When you stop judging it, it may be easier for you to let it go. It is not bad. It is not good. It is sorrow. It has its reign, and then it steps down.

I do not desire an Order of Broken Hearts, nor do I desire an Order of Stiff Backs. I do desire an Order of Truthful Joy. Sometimes you sign up for the Order of Truthful Joy, and sometimes you turn away, yet your place in Truthful Joy is kept. It can even be said that you never leave it. Only your mind wanders off in order to come back.

Consider sorrow one door to joy, and sadness a window on it. Look out through the window and you will see joy.

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