If Your Mind Were a Front Yard

God said:

You keep too much in your head. Let your mind be clear. Clear the debris, and your life will be simpler.

Do you not desire a simpler life? One with fewer details? What was life in the Garden of Eden but simple? The Garden of Eden was a garden, not a jungle overrun with all manner of thoughts. Make your mind a Garden of Eden. Clear your path.

When did your mind become a garden shed that had to house garden tools you'll never use? What is it you need, beloved children, but to clear the shed and restore its space and, therefore, its usefulness to you?

Your mind is not intended to run you ragged. Your thoughts do not have to run over hill and dale. Tell your mind to be a simple summer pavilion where you can sit and linger over a cooling drink. Your mind was not meant to be a fast-food restaurant with hustle and bustle. Your mind was not meant to confuse you. It was meant to clear the table.

Let your mind become at peace. Consider it an umbrella that holds random rainfalls of thoughts away. Your mind isn't intended to deluge you with thoughts and rack your brain.

Let your mind become a haven, not for orphan thoughts, but for you. It's fine to keep the riffraff out of your mind. You don't have to accommodate every visitor.

If your mind were a front yard, you would rake the leaves off it. You would make it serene and green. The extra leaves of thoughts were meant to leave you. Your mind was not fashioned to be crowded.

Redecorate your mind. Be nice to it. There is simply too much clutter. It is not that you use a machete to clear a path. You simply cool your mind a little. Let it get up refreshed, and the world will take care of itself.

Your mind was not created for worry. Did you think it was? Did you really think you were meant to keep worry to you? Did you think your mind was created to carry worry and calculate numbers? Take the pressure off your mind. Release it from bondage. Say to your mind:

"Easy does it. There's no rush. Stop running on max. No need to speed. Ten thoughts aren't better than one. You don't need to pick up every passenger on the road. Mind, you were meant to think, not accumulate. How can you think when there's too much to think about? Be thoughtless for a while. Be more mindful of other things than all the things that trip you up. You do not need to oblige everything that comes your way. You have really busied yourself too much. You are frantic with your busyness. You have so much to think about that you can't think!

"You have piles of papers that you haven't filed. You don't need to keep them. You don't need to keep disorder. You need to clear it. Too many thoughts are impediments to clear thinking.

"Mind, I will try to give you more rest. I will take you into green pastures. I will let you graze. I am not putting you out to pasture. I am simply letting you have a much-needed day off. You are my precious mind. If you were a horse, I would not be so heedless of your well-being. I would not work you so hard.

"Mind, if you were an employee, no union would allow me to work you the way I have. So now, sit a while with your feet up. Take some time off."

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