The Story of the Sun

God said:

Will you agree with Me that love is your natural state? Do you agree?

If love is not your first reaction at present, what has interfered with this natural state I gave to you for safe keeping? Love is natural because I gave it to you. I gave you My Nature, and My Nature is to love.

The Love from Your Heart has been impacted upon. Your love moved over. You may feel your love was chased away or kicked away. Your Beloved Heart received signals that your love perhaps wasn’t valued. You did indeed receive the message that love is not a safe route. You could not be sure that love had been apportioned to you. You wanted and want to protect your love. You do not know how to keep on giving your heart away when your heart is perhaps kicked around and not readily backed up. You tended to hold your Divine Heart apart.

Perhaps, back then, whatever you did was not quite right or good enough. To be good was more important than to shine the light of your love. You learned the hard way. Yes, your heart felt tossed aside.

Regardless of the past, it is for you now to reconnect with your love and know its security because your heart, in Truth, is bigger than the world, bigger than hurt. Your heart is as big as the Sun. Your heart has all the Light of My Heart. What did you think it means that you and I are One? There is One Sun, and it sheds its Light on All irrespective of anything.

The Sun shines equally. This is exactly how your heart longs to be.

The One Sun does not withhold its Light. The One Sun does not say, “Here, not there.” Even if someone does not want the Sunlight, the Sunlight shines. When there are human beings who cover up their skin with cloth or lotion, the Sun shines just the same. There are those who may be fearful of the Sun, yet the Sun shines just the same. The reception the Sun receives makes no difference to the Sun. The Sun’s role is to shine. The Sun treats all the same. There are those who react in objection to the Sun, yet the Sun rolls out its light regardless.

Even when clouds cover the Sun, the Sun shines just the same.

Now, looking at yourself and the times when your love does not seem valued or wanted, do not start thinking that you, the Sun of Love, must be a fool to shine when you feel unwelcome. Nor does the Sun linger here or there. The Sun moves on. The Sun does not focus on its rejection and mourn about it. The Sun does not take rejection to heart. Certainly, the Sun does not cry over spilt milk.

The Sun stays the same and has, for yea so many years, and human beings will grow to the Sun. You are growing to the Sun. The Sun doesn’t hold back. It supplies Vitamin D and warmth to all. The Sun does not sniffle and boo-hoo. The Sun in its Majesty doesn’t waste time.

Today, will you be like a new-born babe? When people come along, will you greet all with a smile? If you are frowned at, what matters it to you? The Sun’s Nature is to shine, and so you, like the Sun, shine. You certainly don’t have to stay still waiting for someone in a dark mood to smile at you. The Sun gives. The Sun gives Light, and this is the Story of the Sun.

And you are the Sun. Nothing is to deter you from your joy in shining your Light on All. Tell Me, dear children, what else is there for you to do? To waylay yourself? To kick your True Heart away and choose to be less that you are? You are to the manor born. Reflect Me, will you? Be in your True Light.

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The Sun

I AM a Beam of the Sun. A happy, dancing light filled Beam of Joy. This is Who I AM. I AM like an apple tree. I share my fruit with All, not choosing who is blessed. We are Life, therefore, we are Blessed with each and every Holy Breath. Thank you Heaven Letters. I love you with all of my Heart.