The Steering Wheel of Life

God said:

Your heart is meant to be the steering wheel of your life. Your fears are not to steer your life. Fears are of the world. It is as if the world inoculates you with fear. You grab onto fear as if fear somehow protects you from what you see as adversity that could well be on its way to you.

Indeed, life on Earth is an experience. You are supposed to experience. You are here to go higher and higher. Life will prod you one way or another.

You may say you desire adventure, yet you may rather desire to stay the same in an imagined comfort zone. This is a way you can keep life at a distance from you. You would rather keep life at bay. Some day you will live life heart and soul, yet, right now, you might like to keep everything in life in a corner, shuffled over to the side, not to get in the way of what you presently think is good for you.

You may tremble at the idea of living life. You may hardly dare venture out. Understand Me. I am not saying you must be the Life of the Party. I do not say your life must be riotous or that you must lead a parade. You don’t have to be a great extrovert. You do not have to be a great handshaker, unless that is who you are. When you are as you are and are not trying to be a different picture of your Self, you keep your life and your heart together.

I ask you to welcome life and be open to it. Don’t look the other way. Don't refuse to see opportunity or to accept it.

I am saying to you:

Don’t avert your eyes from life and what life offers to you. Let go of the idea that life will assail you and beat you up. You may point to the past and past wounds and hurts in the world and balk at life. You may say No to life across the board. You may refuse life and try to stand apart from it. Or you may go here and there and all over at a fast pace in an attempt to run away from life.

Let’s face it. You may well see life before you as a dangerous abyss where anything can happen. Keep in mind that great good and joy can also happen. Think of that. You are not doomed to life. You are blessed to life, even when your life may appear opposed to your will. Life is rich.

At present, you are going to age no matter what you think of it. The best plastic surgery doesn’t last, and, anyway, appearance is only appearance.

Aging in the world makes reference to your physical body. Aging is a testament to time in the world. In Infinity, there is no such thing as aging, yet, on Earth, a form is a form. Nevertheless, form is not who you are.

So, who are you? What picture of yourself do you paint in the world? I did not produce you from a cookie-cutter. Oneness does not mean you are the perfect image of everyone else and must do just as everyone else. When you are prepared to follow the crowd, what are you missing? Follow Me, beloveds.

You are not like everybody else as evidenced in the world. You have the opportunity to see the world from your own window. It is for you to accept life as you perceive it. Learn as you can from everyone, yet everyone else is not to set your sights. You are your own God Being. What inspires you? There is a rainbow for you, and it may well not be the rainbow that everyone else sees or even one other person sees as you do. Sometimes you are the only one in the world who views the world as you view the world. This is a good thing, yet the world seems to cry out: Be like everyone else. Be alike, or, at least, appear to be like everyone else.

The world may tell you: “Don’t go out there into the diversity of the world. The world is a dangerous place. Avoid revealing yourself at all costs. Just be status quo.”

I say differently. I say get out there. Find out who you are and be who you are even if you are the only one. Who are you to be if not yourself? Or, even further, your Self?

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Status Quo No More

Dear Someone, you wrote an honest post. Please read our guidelines. We just aren't a site for bringing up worldly issues. We are here to inspire and uplift. This doesn't mean that there aren't issues in the world. You expressed express yourself very well. I respect you and what you say, just not here. Blessings and love, Gloria

We are all unique

"Who are you to be if not yourself?" I Am a Unique Expression of Divinity and as I grow in Awareness I real eyes Only Divinity Has Power and I Joyfully Surrender the security of the womb so as to Experience My Unique Part in the Unfolding Plan of Light. My Heart Swells with Thanksgiving.