The Road to God

God said:

You are meant to be a leader. If you are a follower to be, then you are to follow Me, beloveds. And let no one come between Us. We have a unique bond, and no one is to untie it nor put himself or another between Us. It is you and I. It is your own heart you are to heed. It must be so, beloved. Besides, you have had enough of following other hearts. No one is your master. Your heart is your master.

Did I not give you free will? What did I give it to you for if you were supposed to not use it? I am talking about your path to Me. No one knows it but you and I, and even you don't always know. You mostly don't know, or know securely enough. Of course, love is the path. Obligation to the dictates of another is not. Obligation to a form is not. I Who AM formless do not demand form. There are no prerequisites to Me.

This does not mean I am opposed to form. I am saying it is not necessary. It is neither advised nor ill-advised. Follow your heart, your throbbing heart. Choose heart over form any day. If your heart leads you to form, it has led you. It is ever your choice, beloveds. It is also ever your choice to choose Me, beloveds, beyond any designated path to Me.

In your service to Me, you are not involved in a trade. It is not a question of your adherence giving you what you want. It is not a question of your following certain steps, and that then I will be there. I am where you are right now. It is all between you and Me. Yet there is no between Us, for We are One.

Any struggles you have are shadowboxing. You dance with yourself in a mirror. You are your own friend, or you are your own opponent.

God exists. God exists within and without you. God is everywhere. If I exist, I exist, and I do exist. I am formless existence. I am the Wholeness of Existence. I am the Holiness. And so are you.

Be not weak-kneed. Kneeling is not weakness. Nor is standing up on your own two feet.

I look not to be revered. I look not to be worshipped. I look not to triumph, unless you call love triumph, and peace triumph. In that case, I enjoin you to triumph with Me.

Beloveds, your soul belongs to you, and yet it is Mine. I keep it safe. It is under My protectorate. No matter what you do in life, no matter what you have done or not done, your soul is intact. Never think you can lose your soul. I do not misplace it. Your soul is safe with Me. You are safe with Me. Where could it be safer? Yet safe is not the right word. Let Us exchange the word "love" for "safe". I love your soul. I love you. I love you, mistakes or not. I do not love you more one day than I do another. I simply purely love. I cannot do anything else. You are the one who thinks you don't have to love. Of course, you have to love. Yet love is not a have-to. Let Us say that you are not to hold your love back. You are to release the love in your heart. That is your road to Me.

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I used to believe that love was love of things and people. Something that was correlated with a feeling of warmth, and perhaps excitement. Kindness is certainly a form of love. At the same non-existent time Love is beyond expressions of kindness, it is beyond the love of objects, it is beyond the love of "self" (read: person), it is Absolute Self-Love. It is always Here and the only reason we do not always feel it is because we are trying to do something.

We need do nothing to be Ourselves, and Our Self IS Love/Heaven/Peace.

When we do nothing beyond the concept of "doing nothing", when we seize striving and put aside who we think we are, just for a moment, we recognize What Is Here. We can call it God if we want, or perhaps we won't say anything at all. Words fall short.