The Rainbow of Greatness

God said:

My heart beats within you. What else is there to say? We are Oneness, and We beat to the drum of it. There is an infinite rhythm of life, and you are the rhythm, and you are life rolling itself out on Earth. You dance to the tune of My heart. You may try not to. You may like to think that you are sovereign on Earth. In one sense, you are. In another sense, your itty-bitty self is a cartoon character, all puffed up, ready for the next escapade where you are the shining hero or dark villain or even victim of life.

And, yet, as you ever were, you are a greater emblem of Me. Smallness is not your true character. Smallness is only a charade of you who are Greatness. You put yourself on a little pedestal that you keep falling off from, yet, all the while, you stand with Me high above the world from which you cannot fall except in your perception. There is no lesser God. You make up one, however, who flails his arms and acts as if he were self-perpetuating. You forget the Author of yourself and you try to make yourself up now as you go along, and you fall on your face.

Individuality can be beautiful, charming, interesting and so forth, and yet individuality is only a small token of you who are great, if you only but knew. If you knew, you would leap to great heights, and you would know that you stand on top of the world. You would stop fiddling with individuality, and stand tall, leap great buildings, rise to the state of Greatness which is the Truth of you. Individuality is a masquerade, a drama representing itself as a bedraggled star in life. Who is the Star of Life, beloveds? It is not your individuality. It is the God within. Do not throw your God-given Self away for the sake of a lesser made-up self who pretends to know only the surface of life and considers it all there is, and so makes small of himself.

I chose you to represent Me on Earth. This is the mission I set you on. Signal Me in the world. Signal Me all the day long. Remember Who You Are, and you will signal Me. You will let go of the struggling character you play and climb a higher mountain and reach the summit, not for yourself, but for Me.

Along the way, your individuality will dismount, and you will ride the Rainbow of Greatness. Your individuality is not the master of you. You no longer need to adhere to it. Step out of the ragged cloak you have been wearing, and step into the robes of Greatness that actually fit you, and fit Me, and suit the world.

You have been hiding in the shadows. You have been hiding the Truth from yourself, and you have been good at it, haven’t you? You fooled yourself. You fooled most everyone else. You have never fooled Me. I know what you are made of. I never diverted from the Truth of Who You are.

You took a detour, that’s all. Nothing is changed except that you took a detour. You took a little tiny path, or you went through a jungle, and you thought that’s all there is, or all there is for you. And yet, all the while and now, you can travel to a higher path and fulfill your mission on Earth. All you have to do is to join your heart with Mine, and then the Truth of you will be known to you. Know it. Know it now. Sooner or later you will come to know it. Why not now?

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Beauty of unifying with the truth

Dear God,

Thank you for this wonderful post. it is so true, we go through life often wearing a metaphorical mask disallowing our true self from merging One with the Divine. Actually, I was wondering if it is possible we actually forget our true essence. Dear Lord, as I read the bottom passage of this post, I wonder, how can we recognise when we are wearing a mask and How to digress from doing so. How do we shed the world mask and embrace the light you have gifted us with. as our true form. Please assist us All in this journey Dear Lord. You have given us all we require to be the Being you have wished for us to be. With your divine guidance, please guide us to walk along the path whereby our hearts merge with Your's Divine.

With love and light

What game is this?

Your questions remind me of another Heavenletter, Kay. I don't know whether it has anything to do with what you have in mind, but let me quote from it anyway:

Here you are, washed with forgetfulness and told to remember. It is like being given a race to run with one foot tied. Why were you given the handicap of forgetting when you are here to remember? What game is this?
Why couldn’t you have the full joy of the material world and full joy of the spiritual in the first place? At least, why not now?
I ask the same question of you. Why not now? Why not now, body and soul, come out and shake hands, walk arm in arm, fully enjoying the two worlds as one?

thank you

Thank you kindly for your guidance Jochen. Your insights are greatly helpful. The Heaven Letter you linked is perfectly linked to the question I have in my heart. Thank you for that. There is magic in these beautiful Heaven Letters and I find my self reading them more than once and the second time, a new perspective stands out. May we grow together in unity and surrender to the One Communal Soul. Sometimes, sparks of true recognition ignite inspiration then its flashes away as this world pulls us back (or in my case, i allow myself to step back into the illusion) and away from the Truth, that we Belong only with You Dear Lord.

Surrendering and Trusting we are in Good, Divine Hands... the Hands of the Lord.

Have a beautiful day Jochen and everyone here.

Love and light

May we grow together in

May we grow together in unity and surrender to the One Communal Soul.

So lovely, Kay, thank you. We all fall back into illusion again and again, turning away from awareness of truth. But truth itself, as Heavenletters say, is always there like the air surrounding us. We only need to allow our heart to breathe it in. Poor loyal heart.

am always join you,

dear God heavenley father,
i understan how you feel, dear God,
is not realey complate, to som of your chaildren,
not join you in your heart and mind,
i give my heart to you and mind and my bonce,
i choice to live to you in my life as and always,
since i was born this earth, derfor you always in my heart
and my mind, and i know what my purpose her in the aerth
i am not her for the earth for my self am her for you
dear God, AMEN

The TRUTH of WHO you are!

Isn't it strange to learn the truth that we have known forever.
Why do we have to learn the truth in the holy instant or our Nowness.
Why does EXISTENCE seem to unfold the holy fact of our perfection through such vague and shadowy insight.
No one else seems to walk in that truth. Why is this true?
The social noise which trained us to listen to EGO instead of SPIRIT hold some blame.
It would help to read this very Heaven Letter many times and let it begin its work on our unconscious from which much of our thinking comes.

At the moment you are reading this note, you are exactly the summary of your whole life and ancestry.

Change comes from within. Feed that within with the things that change the within.


My heart beats within you.

My heart beats within you. What else is there to say? We are Oneness, and We beat to the drum of it.
All you have to do is to join your heart with Mine, and then the Truth of you will be known to you. Know it. Know it now.

Thank you sweetest Father/Mother.
Love you so much.