The Prince and the Pauper

God said:

You don’t have to predict everything or anything about your Life, Beloveds. Life isn’t about fulfilling your predictions. You aren’t the Seer of your Life. You aren’t at that place yet, nor do you have to be.

Of course, Life can beat a path to your Dreams. Dreams can come true. All dreams can come true. Invite all your dreams, yet not nail them to the wall. You who like freedom must also give freedom to your Life as well.

Dear Ones, you don’t have to sew up Life. You don’t exactly have this privilege. It is not for you to regiment Life. Life doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion. Life doesn’t have to be an ironclad promise fulfilled nor are you to feel crushed or ruined when you are disappointed.

Give Life room to grow. Give your Life leeway. Go ahead and shake hands with Life, yet you can’t always clinch it or nip it in the bud.

Life is for you. Dreams do come true. Your greatest dreams can come true, yet you want to give Life a chance to find its way. See what happens. Yes, you have Free Will, and Life itself has Free Will as well. You want to bend with Life and allow all possibilities to happen as they happen right in front of your eyes.

Dear Ones, don’t try to lock up your Life. Life isn’t about taking prisoners. The more accepting you are -- the more freedom you allow Life – the more possibilities are free to arise within you. It’s not for you to narrow Life down. It’s for you to open Life up in the same way you turn the key lightly when you open a can of sardines. Yes, Beloveds, open Life up to its possibilities.

Consider yourself an acrobat who is most excellently limber. As an acrobat of Life, you can’t be stiff-necked or stuck. Be a stunning acrobat of Life. Perfection is not the Name of Life. Nor is imperfection the Name of Life either. Life comes in many sizes.

Because Life may move up or down the scale to your mind – this doesn’t mean that Life is letting you down. Lean into Life and rise High.

Life is an equal-opportunity employer. Everyone has as good a chance at Life as anyone, no matter how you see it. Anything and everything is possible. The possibilities are Infinite.

Encourage Life to blossom. Life isn’t a sentence such as a judge in court would hand down. Life isn’t a term that cannot change.

There are many ways a puppy can grow. There are many ways Life can reveal itself. Welcome Life as it occurs. Life isn’t a sure bet, nor does Life have to be defined one way or another. Open to New Possibilities even when you are suspicious of them.

Life is more like: Anything can happen.

Give Life a nudge every now and then to see how Life may surprise you or startle you. You may dream dreams that you never dreamed of, and your dreams can walk in as big as Life. Life doesn’t have to be an apparent soothing tonic. Sometimes Life jumps off a High Diving Board. Take your chances.

Remember the story of the Prince and the Pauper who traded places? Who was the Prince, and Who was the Pauper? Leave room to find out what you are made of.

Sure, you may have to go all around the block to find your own definition of yourself. You may reach the Summit when you are not looking. You may meet all the outer limits. Even boundaries may light you up and you find yourself enlightened along the way.

Change is the Name of the Game. Are you in? By all means, be in. Heads up, Beloveds. Let Life suit itself.

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The River of Life

With great joy, gratitude and appreciation I open my Heart and allow the river of Life to flow through me freely. I let go and I let God. What a glorious journey as I let the artist be guided by the Artist.