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The power of truth

I spoke truth - pure and direct
I did not tremble or shake
I were bold and courageous
I felt good
I spoke in love
I could only feel the stillness
calm clarity
no vanity
I looked my enemy in the eyes
and told him I am not scared
I feel no fear, no hate
Even this enemy - I love
I have conquered - my fear- my Devil
and I showed Him that He is a
worthy Angel of Love!

{this was written after I stood up for myself against my ex boyfriend who were verbally abusive towards me}

I really love what you have

I really love what you have shared here and I think you are simply wonderful !

I have conquered - my fear- my Devil
and I showed Him that He is a
worthy Angel of Love!

Everything is within us and so also God's love, sometimes not easy to see.
A big hug and much love to you

Dear Berit that is my

Dear Berit
that is my favorite part too.
I think beacuse of us living in a 3rd dimension - therefore duality exists in opposites.
everything is both and more.
Organic love smiles and hugs,

Oh how beautiful Nomvula ~

Oh how beautiful Nomvula ~ and well done! :)

I did the very same thing many years ago, in a similar circumstance, (with my husband of the time, who was also verbally abusive and hurt me very much with his words). It took me ages (years) to summon the courage to stand up for myself and speak my own truth, but once I had, I felt so very good, and wished I had done it long before!

Sending you lots of organic Love and a great big organic hug too! :Rolleyes:



Love conquers all


Dearest Mary, thank you so

Dearest Mary,
thank you so much for your most inspiring words!
So true: Love does conquer all!
In the end we all experience the same situations- I guess we have to go through such experiences to learn and to grow. These days I raise my 1 year old daughter lovingly( she turns one in exactly one week) - and stress free, challenging, but God is ever present in our daily lives. I am very happy that i am free of my own thoughts of myself not being good enough.
Organic love,hugs and plenty smiles to you dear sister!
Nomvula and Kaya

Oh Nomvula ~ your beautiful

Oh Nomvula ~ your beautiful little Kaya is a Piscean and her birthday is just one day later than mine, if I have understood you correctly. I celebrate my rebirth into the physical plane on 19th March! I send her lots of Love, and I'm sure that you both will share in a most beautiful day!


Love Mary