The Power to Ignite Love

God said:

All things get resolved, but you don't know that. You think you have all kinds of unfinished business, but everything resolves itself without your help. Or, We can say, that your help is in letting it go.

Relationships continue after death. The death of a loved one is not the end of the matter. Whatever is unresolved does not stay hanging in midair.

Souls meet again and again. You do not need bodies to reconcile differences.

When you let go of what you consider to be a problem, then the four corners of the earth, as it were, pick up your problem, raise it to a higher level, and restore the love in your heart.

"Enemy" may be too strong a word here, yet you have had loved ones that you considered opponents. At the very least, they were disappointers. You let each disappointment harden your heart. And even in another's death or worldly distance, you have held on to the crush of disappointment rather than the exchange of love.

If you have the power to create or allow or meet discord, you have equal power to ignite love.

What does forgiveness mean but restoring your heart to its rightful place?

You would not have felt hurt had there not been love.

You ventured your heart, and it was not wanted or wanted enough or long enough. Even in the case of an ungracious clerk in a store, you have allowed a tiny event to shut down your heart. Your heart has been so wounded you have even looked for more wounding, and seen it in little things, and so you have taken a fight stance. You have put armor around your heart. You have readied yourself for assault. And so you assault yourself.

You have thought that the world is to serve you, and so you have been disappointed.

Now you find, not only must you serve yourself, you must serve others. To those loved ones who have not served you well, what can you do to restore them to your good graces? What have you done with your good graces? Where have they gone? Will you accept that there are barriers in your heart to remove and that you are the one to remove them?

Who put your barriers up if not you? If you allowed barriers to grow in your heart, it was you who created them. No one created them for you. You made your love dependent upon something. When that requirement did not come forward, you withdrew your love. You counted your love like coins in a purse, and you buried your love somewhere and you have hesitated to reinstate it. Even after the person's death, you have held on to your hurt.

What is forgiveness but recognizing your participation in an act of renunciation? You renounced the love in your heart. You allowed someone or something else to decide your heart.

Can you love only according to the measure dispensed to you, and withhold only according to the measure withheld from you? If so, you have put yourself at the mercy of others. Now brush off the accumulated dust from your love and withdraw from such dependence upon others.

Do not think that I am suggesting that you cozy up to everyone or to those you have turned away from or who have turned away from you. I am suggesting that you free them from your heart. Maybe they have learning to do too. Release them, and they will learn, just as you are learning. Let them receive your benevolence. The important thing is that you give it. Give those whom you feel have hurt you back to themselves and no longer hold on to them. Let them out of your heart. They need you to release them from the past. And you need your own release.