A Wonderful Journey

God said:

You put a cap on your life by interpreting it every moment. You evaluate and, yes, judge, every incident. Life is not to be interpreted because then you are living in your mind; you are letting your mind call the shots. You think the mind is smarter than your heart.

A flag is raised on its pole and the winds blow it. The way the flag furls and unfurls is not a premeditated sequence of events.

Consider your intention like the flag going up. Your intention starts things in motion. Then you have to let life happen without criticism from you. You are not to conduct life the way an orchestra is conducted. You initiate your life, and then you see what happens. You allow life to happen. Otherwise, you restrict it. You limit it. You cut it off. You make life like a song you sing under your breath.

Now is time to sing out. Let your life ignite. What do you intend today? What do you call to you? What do you desire? Desire more rather than to slump your shoulders in dreaded repetition of desirelessness. You have been forgetting to desire. You have limped along and forgotten that you can fly. You have submitted to life more than you have waved it.

Consider the tone of life you wish to set today, for yourself and for those around you. What notes do you want played?

You are a musician of your life. You are a beckoner of it. Call it to you. Call it to you loud and clear. Do not mute your voice. Incur your life today. Swirl it. Bounce it. Let yourself be.

Desire high. Desire enough. Don't desire status quo. Life is not static. Life is movement, and you move with it.

You hear a song. Well, then, move in rhythm to it.

Let life come in waves. Do not hold it back. Do not stem it. Do not measure it. Welcome it.

If today you will welcome life, if today you will have the intention to welcome life, life will sweep you up in its arms. But that is just what you have been afraid of. You want to sweep up life when you must let life carry you. It will carry you further than you can carry yourself. That is just the point.

This does not make you a drifter. It makes you one alive to life. Be susceptible to life.

You are the one who calls life to you, but you do not control it. You do order its direction, however. Put in an order for your life today. Intend your life today. Desire to desire wonderfulness. Why would you order less than you are entitled to?

What are you entitled to? Perhaps you can accept the word "entitlement" better than you can accept the word "deserve". When you think of what you deserve, your mind starts working, and you find yourself lacking, and you fear you deserve what you do not want. So use the word "entitlement". You are entitled to the full measure of the universe. That full measure is bottomless. It has no limit. No longer limit yourself.

Be the youngest son who sets out on a journey of innocence and reaps great reward. He ventured forth. He took his knapsack and set out. He opened himself to what life could bring. His older brothers scoffed at him, but he had his own intention, and it was for goodness. He was wiser than those who seemed to indicate his was a foolish journey.

Consider that the youngest son is pure heart. The older brothers are intellect. Intellect tends to dissuade the heart from living life. It tells the heart to withhold itself. Let your heart prevail.

You must know you were meant to set out on a wonderful journey. Set out on it today. Go to meet life as it propels its way to you.