The Power of Thought

God said:

Avoid using labels. Avoid thinking them. There is no such thing as teenager or senior citizen or terrible two's. There are beautiful hearts and souls in bodies of different ages. Labels decide beforehand what will be. With a toss of your head, you declaim your son and daughter to years of turmoil because you believe in it. You heard it was so.

Teen years can be the best there are, as can old age. Every year can be the best when you allow the possibility. Do not close out possibilities with labels. Labels confine. They do not set free.

Remember that words are man-made and not God-given. The Tower of Babel speaks truth. Language can be a disguise and a forerunner. Language can slam doors closed. Doors need to be opened.

Watch your language.

You define too much.

You package too neatly.

There is not one box that fits any one of My children. I gave My children freedom to be without boundary, and you must do the same.

You are the maker of the lives around you. You wave a wand of speech, and it is so. Take care about the wands you wave.

Believe in the beings around you. Believe that beneath grime is clean. Believe that beneath superannuated ego lies an innocent beating heart. Believe in the possibility of man. Believe Me. I gave out unimagined possibility, and now you must imagine it.

As you demark others, you demark yourself. Every line you draw around another, you have tied around yourself.

Erase lines of demarcation. Breathe the breath of life into the lives of all.

Not one of you is a finished being. You are immortal, eternal, but you are not finished. What you are is limitless. You have just begun. Dig into your pockets, and you will find unmined gold.

Do not think I give you a pep talk. Do not think I bolster you. I speak only truth, and I use your language to speak it in. I can only speak truth. I do not know how to dissemble. I do not flatter. I speak God's honest truth.

You have let imaginary lines become the shore of your horizon. The horizon of your life is far greater than you have allowed.

You have even demeaned your Humanity, as if it were not much. Each of you is made of crests and troughs, only you have been too concerned with the troughs. Think differently. Those very troughs raise you to great heights. Think of bright heights rather than dismal lows when you do think.

When you erase the strictures you have placed around one another, you will rise to your natural height. You will have released yourselves. There is not one of you who does not stand tall when he knows there is no ceiling on him.

Or We could say that there is a ceiling, and We could call it Heaven. But even Heaven has no top. It keeps going higher. That is how there are no limits on you but your own thought.

Raise your thoughts, and you will start to soar.

You have been keeping yourself down. Enough.

Lift your head, your eyes, your heart, and see the plains before you. They are untraveled. They are waiting for you to set foot. They are waiting to be claimed. They are waiting for you.

Blue skies and clear plains are waiting for you. They were made for you. You are a pioneer who sets out to claim new land. There is only new land before you. You cannot turn back any longer and trod the path you have already trodden. Now you walk forward into the Sun. You are belighted by the Sun as you set out on your adventure on the rising plains of life.

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a wand of speech

For some time I have been wondering, How many things are the way they are because we said so? All of them? If we can declaim our children to years of turmoil with a toss of our head, that's powerful, isn't it? The power does not reside in the words themselves but in our intentions as formed by our beliefs and expectations. Usually we resort to "experience" to explain why things are the way they are. Experience tells us that teenagers are this way and that. Perhaps all of that is just hearsay. What an amazingly fitting word, hear-say-hear-say-hear-say-hear.....

We also use "experience" to explain why we don't understand each other. You can only understand in another that which you have experienced yourself - the honey thing. I find it harder every day to go on believing this. Why, for example, does happy not understand unhappy and vice versa? I suspect it's mostly because we keep repeating our experientially won wisdom until everyone takes it for granted. Does our anthropology, scientific or pop, prevent our knowing each other? I believe that on the level of what God calls the "innocent beating heart" here, we all know each other intimately. I long to meet you there, every single one of you, beneath our "grime" and "superannuated egos".

Beloved Jochen, and we have

Beloved Jochen, and we have already met on the level of God's innocent beating heart. I think we have had quite a long visit. I think we will never leave.