The Ocean of the World

God said:

The world is going to appear in its true colors very soon. Its true colors are bright and clear. No longer will the world house less than Truth. The world will show its refined colors of Truth, clarity, and good will. You are really going to live in the world that has always been dreamed of, that you have always dreamed of. Beloveds, by your innocence, by your truth, by your clarity, by your willingness, you are going to create Greatness on Earth for everyone. Your perception of the world will be clear, and the world will meet your perception. It was ever so. Your dream of a world of total beauty and love is readying itself to appear. It will be observed the same way that water boils. The water isn't boiling. It stays still. And then the water starts bubbling.

This is the same way a seed starts to sprout. The seed is watered. At first there is no sign of change. And then a tiny sprout bursts forth.

The is the same way a chicken is hatched. At first there is just an egg kept warm, yet the chicken is forming, and in the nick of time, a baby chick appears.

When it comes to the world, it's the same yet different. Regardless of your belief and perception, a seed will sprout, a chick will hatch. All you have to do is to observe. You are a bystander to a miracle. You are a bystander to the many miracles around you. Of course, even so, you have an influence. How much happier are a sprout and a baby chick when you think kindly of them!

When it comes to the world, you are more than a bystander. What you perceive makes all the difference. Your perception is instrumental.

Do you understand Me? The world has met your perception, whatever your perception was. Of course, now, coming to the fore, is the power of the perception of My children on Earth. All My children on Earth are going to create a great tidal wave of love that will wash away all the jetsam and flotsam from the world. By your consciousness, the sun will shine brightly and clearly through the ocean of the world, and the world will appear as it truly is in all its shining glory.

It comes down to this: You are the perpetrator of the world. When you see goodness and mercy, you contribute goodness and mercy to the world. Of course, the time will come when there will be no need of mercy, for when there is love, what need of mercy can there be?

When you are in a good mood, the world responds. When you are in a difficult mood, the world responds equally. The world only knows to respond to your moods and thoughts and how you are feeling about it.

When you get a new puppy, the puppy begins to reflect you. As the puppy grows and prospers, by and large, it is your doing. How the puppy deals with his life and the people in it depends upon how you deal with the puppy. By and large, you train the puppy as to how it will grow. The world is like your puppy. Your attitude toward it is all-important. The aspects you emphasize and the aspects you neglect are all-important. By your presence in the world, by your thoughts and by your Being, you train the world. It is for you to bring out the best in it. It is you in all your magnificence who will make the world smile broadly.

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It is for you to bring out

It is for you to bring out the best in it. It is you in all your magnificence who will make the world smile broadly.

Let us all join hands and hearts across the world today and feel God's love overflowing in us and around us so that we may bring hope and healing to our world!
God bless!

This is what is happening

This is what is happening amongst the millions of awakening ones around the world. There is a strong flow of Love energy circulating amongst this conscious collective. This conscious collective kindles the fire of hope. You are the ones that carry us through this wondrous time by remaining centered in the Heart of God, a detached observer, taking delight in the mystery of life. The Love that flows from you is our planets hope.

Always remain in that Love.

This is my favorite heaven

This is my favorite heaven letter. To imagine a world filled with love and hope would be many dreams coming true. I keep hearing about all this bad stuff that will happen in 2012 but i would much rather believe in gods butiful words of love, joy, and happyness. I dont want to hear of pain and suffering i wanna har of all the world finding love.We are so lucky for the words god brings us. words can be so powerful if we allow them to.
Hugs, Kisses, and stars to wish on!

Crystal, you are one strong

Crystal, you are one strong beautiful lady. God wants us to stay with positivity. He asks us to stay away from negativity. He wants us to multiply the beauty and goodness of life. And that's what you are doing. God bless you. How are the twins, by the way?

The twins are doing

The twins are doing wonderful! they are three and a half months and along with my almost three year old they are the stars of my life. We had a scare with one he was dropped on the concrete a couple of weeks ago and rushed to the emergency room. I was terrified more then ive ever been but i kept my faith and though he has got two fractures o his skull and had bleeding the bleeding stopped and fractures should heal. The lord has a purpose for him on this earth and im so grateful their wont be any long term side effects. Its hard with them, my working full time and taking busses back and forth but they are my inspiration to keep moving forward with a posative attitute.
Hugs, Kisses, and stars to wish on!

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said in the world
By your thoughts and your Being
You do train the world

God said it is you
In all your magnificence
The world responds to

God said in glory
The world will truly appear
By your consciousness

Love, Light and Aloha!

Man Perception

Very touching message ,you are great and all the time your words are like candles shines and light peoples path, thank you , shebl Egypt

God is great, beloved Shebl.

God is great, beloved Shebl. I am so happy to share God's messages with you.