The New Heaven News November 2010 The Spirit Being Human Center in Capilla del Monte, Argentina

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Opening God Quote
New Subscribers – International and United States
Spiritual Center in Argentina – Spirit Being Human
New Heavenletter Volunteer
Great Angels Spreading Heavenletters™ Everywhere
Photos on Forum Profile Page
More Help Needed!
Ending God Quote

Opening God Quote

"Of what beauty are you made?"

Heavenletter #3565 A Poem God Wrote One Night

35 New International Subscribers from the following Countries since last Heaven News:

Australia Belgium Bolivia Brazil Canada Chile Ecuador Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Honduras India Indonesia Italy Mexico Mozambique Netherlands Peru Philippines Portugal Romania Scotland Singapore South Africa Sweden Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam

35 New Subscribers from the following United States since last Heaven News:

Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Montana Nebraska New Jersey Nevada New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin

Spiritual Center in Argentina – Spirit Being Human

capilla del monte

capilla del monte

From Heaven Admin:

Dear Heavenreaders,

Do you remember our intention to build a community in South America? That intention is becoming reality!

The vision of Spirit Being Human is to form an international network of sustainable communities through which energy, ideas, people and resources are free to move. Spirit Being Human holds that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. A Spirit Being Human community forms its values and vision based on a new inclusive spirituality, that unifies and celebrates diversity. Much like how Heavenletters are read and loved by people of all religions and spiritual paths, Spirit Being Human communities are God-centered and universal. Spirit Being Human communities are creators of a new earth and society. These communities create practical solutions from high ideals to form a new holistic and harmonious way of existing on Earth.

The aim is for a Spirit Being Human community is to be 100% sustainable within a given period of time. With the right resources and people, this can be achieved within a short period. All structures will be built in harmony with their surroundings, using only sustainable and holistic construction styles. Bio-intensive and permaculture wisdom will be incorporated into the design.

The first phase requires us to set up a base micro-community and retreat centre and, for that reason we began looking for land as soon as I arrived in Argentina. We found two suitable locations, one for the micro-community and retreat (Ojo del Agua - 2 hectare), and the other, a 400 hectare property suitable for a larger community. The micro-community will amongst other things, serve as Heavenletter's new base when Gloria moves to Argentina next year.

Recently the resources and people have been gathering. A dear Heaven subscriber has offered a good sum of money for purchasing land. All land will be purchased under a community land trust or foundation, the members of which steward it into the future. We're presently at work developing the project plan for the micro-community. Stay tuned!

Oceans of Love,

Santhan, Heaven Admin

An example of the earth tube technology we're considering for the construction of dwellings.

Owen Geiger, Designer

Welcome New HTML Volunteer

Marcy Dulka
Marcy wrote:

I would like to help you out in whatever way I can. Your newsletter has helped me out every day and I want to give back what you have given me.

I manage the website where I work and I have learned html coding. I also am proficient in the Spanish language and would be happy to help with translations.

Please let me know how I can help.

Bless you !
Marcy Dulka, Illinois

That you can translate Spanish is an extra bonus, Marcy. Thank you so much.

Great Angels Spreading Heavenletters Everywhere

Many thanks to all the E-zines who regularly publish Heavenletters. We appreciate you so much.

There is a recent Heavenletter, Roses, Roses, in which the sharing of Heavenletters is invited, and here are some beautiful people doing just that:

Marleid from The Netherlands has devoted herself to a Dutch web site that is specifically for battered wives or victims of sexual abuse, where she regularly posts Heavenletters. In order to protect the privacy of those who participate on this site, it is not available to the public. God bless you, Marleid.

Marleid, you mentioned that the people on your site feel very favorably toward Heavenletters. Will you kindly share with us what they say, without their names, of course?

Dorothy Foster, below, is posting Heavenletters regularly on her website
Marleid Pathworks

Here is Dorothy with two of her grandchildren:

Audrey Chambers has been posting Heavenletters all over and sharing herself on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum as well. Read what Audrey writes below:

Audrey Chambers

Audrey wrote:

"My photo was taken on the last day of my treatments for breast cancer earlier this year. During this time, it is significant to mention that God became 100 times more 'Real' to me, delivering me to a cancer free state today! AND the Heaven Letters, did play a significant role thru those months of chemo and radiation treatments, giving me much needed inspiration! so my heart is full of love for God, for life and for the inspirational, loving and invaluable Heaven Letters. I learned thru reading them to suspend my thoughts and read the words thru my heart - OMG! it was like God speaking directly to my soul! I am dancing in the sunshine."

Photos on Forum Profile Page

More and more people who come to the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum are including their photos! Wonderful! Here are the three most recent ones at the time I'm putting this Heaven News together:

Below is Haleylyn:
Haley Lyn

Below is Marguerite Curtis (Gulet)

Below is not Sandy! In this case Sandy shared a photo of what she loves!

We love photos! Please post your photos on the forum!

More Help Needed!

More virtual errands to run! It doesn't matter where you live. Are you available? What do you like to do? Maybe you can do it for Heavenletters. More help is needed than the present precious volunteers can do. Volunteers are needed as Heavenletters keep growing. Inquire within.

Ending God Quote:

"Where do thoughts go when you are finished with them?"

Heavenletter #1457 God Asks a Few Questions

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'Wishing you the very best.

With love, Dean

House plan donation for

Hello, I found your website today and love it! I'm the designer of the earthbag spiral house shown above and about 110 other house plans at I will donate this plan to for their efforts to improve our world.

Also, I'm finishing up another spiral house plan in a few days. You may like it even more. It has two bedrooms, two-way fireplace, cool pantry for storage of food without electricity, living roof and covered porch.

If you're interested in learning more about this type of building, we have several websites that explain everything:
Earthbag Building Blog:

With love,
Owen Geiger

Hello everyone

OK... I found this page.

There are always lots of thing to do and read here. I'll return to read more about e-zine..


God Bless You

I'd love to there, at least once.. :)