The New Heaven News, November 16, 2011 - The World is Spinning

Opening God Quote:

“Keep looking up at the stars. They are the night lights of the soul.”

Heavenletter # 3752 - Wish Upon the Stars
Suggested by Jo Petzer of Transcendence

29 Countries new Heavenreaders came from since last Heaven News

Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Columbia Croatia Denmark Dominican Republic France Germany Hong Kong India Ireland Italy Korea Latvia Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Nigeria Norway Portugal South Africa Spain Turkey Netherlands Norway United Kingdom Zimbabwe

27 U.S. new Heavenreaders came from since last Heaven News

Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Indiana Kansas Maine Massachusetts Michigan Missouri New Jersey New York Pennsylvania North Carolina Ohio Oregon South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Wisconsin Washington

Dear Heavenreaders,

The next New Heaven News will be written in South Africa!

What a dream come true! It has long been a dream, to give Godwriting™ workshops everywhere in the world.

And now Heaven Admin and I have the beautiful opportunity to be in South Africa and available to give workshops in South Africa and surrounding countries.

There are 94 countries in Africa! Too many to list here right now. We have approximately 281 Heavensubscribers in the continent of Africa.

South Africa 143
Niger 36
Kenya 27
Mauritius 21
Ghana 11
Cameroon 7
Zimbabwe 7
Morocco 5
Mozambique 4
Namibia 5
Egypt 4
Guinea 3
New Guinea 2
Togo 2
Botswana 2
Algeria 1
Angola 1
Burkina Faso 1
Burundi 1
Chad 1
Cote d’Ivoire 1
Ethiopia 1
Gambia 1
Lesotho 1
Madagascar 1
Malawi 1
Rwanda 1
Somalia 1
Swaziland 1
Tunisia 1
Zambia 1

How wonderful it would be to have you all come to learn the simple art of Godwriting™. It’s so easy.

If you live in or near South Africa and you have a desire to learn the simple art of Godwriting, please let us know. You are telling us that you are interested. This is not a commitment.

If you might like to sponsor a Godwriting™ workshop in your area, please let us know this. To help sponsor a workshop means that you would find a physical space for the workshop, perhaps in a facility or in your home, and you would help bring people to the workshop and make it known. Again, you are just giving us an idea of your interest, and this is not a commitment.

Please press Add Comment at the end of this Heaven News and also email gloria [at] Heavenletters [dot] org.

Heaven Admin and I would love to visit you in your country.

Giraffe Sunset

Please invite your friends to add their name to Heaven’s emailing list.

While I am in Africa, everything with Heavenletters™ will stay the same – except I will be where it is summer instead of winter!

God bless Heaven Admin for making all this possible.



Nightmare records

As soon I had the impulse to ask Lance King, long-time Heavenreader, lead singer, composer, producer, distributor, CEO of Nightmare Records, if he might like to write a Heavenletter™ song, I asked him, and immediately he said Yes! This is tremendous! Lance generously wrote:

Timing is everything, my dear. I’ll copy this Heavenletter right now, and, yes, will write a song shortly for it. In this way perhaps God will be working through us both in harmony, and we’ll find the proper way to present this for you. God works in mysterious ways, but I’m beginning to see and hear the small signs, I believe I’m supposed to write this song for you!

Is it Lance or the Universe that says Yes!
Lance sums it up this way:

Awesome indeed, "the water flows without thinking", this is my mentality, you only need to be in spirit with actions and intent and it flows in the direction you need/want/love.

Barbara from Oregon posted on the blog:

Nightmare Records may be [Heaven’s] dream come true!

Yes, Barbara, I’m sure of it. Lance’s music is going to move Heavenletters™ up in the world faster!

Heaven Admin posted:

This is a dream come true! I love heavy metal and have been waiting for someone to bring some higher vibes into the scene. What better way than lyrics from a Heavenletter and Lance putting it together? YESSSS! Guitar animation

Here are some of the lyrics from Heavenletter #3348, God Makes Up a Jingle:

"Life owns itself. Life is for me to use, not for me to boss around. I walk beside life and not ahead of it. Ooo, ooo, ooo.

"Let go, let go, I gotta let go of everything I never wanted. Let go, let go, I gotta let go of everything that happened. I gotta let go, I gotta let go of everything that didn't happen. Ooo, ooo, ooo, I gotta let go. Gotta let go.

"Let go, let go, I gotta let go and get closer to God. I gotta let go, let go. Too much in my way. I gotta let go, let go, of what gets in my way. I gotta let go. Nothing is going to keep me away from God.

"I gotta let go, let go. I gotta get closer to God, closer to God, to God, to God. I'm on my way. I gotta let go and get closer to God.”

Nightmare records

Read more about Lance King, a star of progressive hard rock and heavy metal music, and this wonderful turn of events here:

Heaven’s own cartoonist, Yacu, generously gave us this:

Heaven Comic

Lance King CEO
Nightmare Records & Distribution
Phone 763-784-9654 
SKYPE: king.lance  (Biz) (Radio) (updates) (updates) (Video's)

Here is a photo of Yacu who created the cartoon, Heavenletters Rock!
Thank you, Yacu!

Angels who are spreading Heavenletters™ everywhere

Russ Michael writes in Michael’s Worldwide Newsletter in big huge letters in color:
I love Heaven banner

Thank you, Michael.

Lady Isis's Newsletter

God Said:
"Oneness, Oneness, Oneness.
"You are at a juncture point. The juncture is within you. The two seams of yourself are being joined. You are finished with Twoness. Duality does not hold the interest for you that it once did, and yet you will be living life more fully. You are not separate from Oneness. You are separating from duality. It is, so to speak, that you have taken possession of Our Oneness. You have abandoned Twoness or a Hundredness, and you have collaborated with Oneness. You have recognized it as your own, as belonging to you although it is never owned. It is pretty opposite to owning. You have entered a palace, and you are beginning to notice this palace that you find yourself in. You are just beginning to notice the golden walls, except there are no walls. There is only the Vastness of Oneness."

From Heavenletters™ August 17, 2011 Copyright 1999-2011 HEAVEN #3918

Thank you, Lady Isis.

Please note the Opening and Closing God Quotes from Jo Petzer!

Joe PetzerJoe Petzer
Thank you, Jo.

Tamil Verses

God said:

Whatever you do, do it for Me.
எச்செயல் செய்தாலும் ஆண்டவன் எனக்காக
அச்செயல் செய்வாய் நீ


translated into Tamil Verses by N. Nagarajan, Chennai, India.

Thank you, Naagu!

Appreciation of Translators:

Engin Vural

Engin Vural on the left is Heaven’s translator into the beautiful Turkish language. That’s her handsome husband on the right!

This is Fevziye who emailed me:


Dear Gloria,
I recently shared my feelings about the perfect Turkish translation of Heavenletters™. Although I could follow them in English, I really enjoy reading them with Mrs. Vural's energy. This I felt since I somehow came across these messages, which are actually a gentle nudging each time I receive them. I love to be reminded... and they just find their way to me when it is most needed!

So, a heartfelt Thank You for all you do!

Love & Blessings,
Fevziye Peker
Istanbul, Turkey

Fevziye’s appreciation reminds me of this Chinese proverb:

“When you drink the water, remember the spring.”

Thank you, Fevziye!

Closing God Quote:

“You are the Bright Light of God that shines and makes hearts dance.”

Heavenletter # 3752 - Wish Upon the Stars
suggested by Jo Petzer of Transcendence

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ms. much exciting stuff

It is so exciting, Allan,

It is so exciting, Allan, all the waves of activity.

Does everyone know that Allan is the host of the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Interview Show, best known for interviewing Ms.Heavenletters™ twice!!

You can see Bridging shows #200 and #175 on Youtube!

Canim Gloria...

Canim Gloria,

thank you very much for your encouraging note and everything you wrote =) You have made me embarassed =) (Güray loved it too.)

loving you and Heavenletters =)