The New Heaven News June 26, 2011 Joy and the Finite

Opening God Quote:

"All the time that you are fussing with the finite world and perceived problems, you are sailing on the Good Ship Infinity. What do you gain by seeing otherwise? Perhaps you give yourself the idea that you are a hands-on handler of the finite. Beloveds, the finite is handling you. "

True Confessions

Dear Heavenreaders, the God quote above is so true! This Heaven News is late for the very reason that the finite has been handling me!

My computer crashed. Gone, lost, much what I had prepared for what was going to be the May issue of the New Heaven News. Not only that, with a new computer, I lost my good friend Windows XP and found Windows 7 – well, a very complicated stranger.

However, God suggests that we see that we’re really sailing on the Good Ship Infinity, so I will say that Windows 7 is much faster than XP. I am, of course, grateful to have a computer and an opportunity to finally get this Heaven News out to you, leave the past behind, and move forward into smooth sailing on the High Seas.

Trusting that you have been having smooth sailing -- I am so glad to be in touch with you once again with Heaven News.

With love and blessings,


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Good News

Korean Publisher Seeking Publishing Rights to Heaven Book

From New York International Literary Agency

Hello Gloria:

I hope you're doing well. Our client has inquired about the Korean rights to the book HEAVENLETTERS. Do you control those rights, and would you consider licensing them to a Korean publisher. If so, I'd be happy to put you in touch with this agency. Thank you for

your consideration, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


From: Henry in Korea

Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 1:45 AM
To: Gloria
Cc: David
Subject: INQUIRY: HEAVENLETTERS(BOOK 1) by Gloria Wendroff

Dear Gloria Wendroff,

It is nice to meet you via e-mail. I'm Henry, an agent at one of the leading literary agencies in Korea.

We have exclusively worked with HarperCollins, Little Brown and Company, The Crown Publishing Group, Berrett-Koehler, Pocket Books, Bloomsbury, Hodder, Walker & Company, Hachette, ICM, Faber & Faber, Andrew Nurnberg, A.P. Watt, etc.

With regards to the above title, I have Korean publisher who is interested. I would like to know if the rights are still available in Korea. If available, please kindly arrange the reading copy, manuscript or e-file for the review.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


I sent what they asked for, of course, and am eagerly waiting to hear more.

Meanwhile, also received from Vera in Korea!

I am translating Letters into Korean and posting in my website

Vera had 95 Heavenletters translated into Korean at the time she wrote! To think of a beautiful dedicated soul such as Vera quietly serving because of her devotion to God. In my mind, I like to think that the Korean publisher might want her to translate!

At present we have 7 subscribers to Heavenletters from Korea. One has been subscribing since 2006 and another since 2007. There are 80 million speakers of Korean! Let’s reach them.

Of course, I emailed Vera, asking for her permission to archive her Korean translations on the Heavenletter forum and to consider her Heavenletters’ Korean translator.

Vera, we don’t know if our email reached you. May you see this in Heaven News and write back. We would love to hear from you.

From Naoko in Japan

Naoko Hoshino sent a message using the contact form at:

Hi Gloria

This is Naoko Hoshino from Japan. It's been a few years since we last communicated but I am at last connected to some publishers and would like to discuss with you as soon as Possible Pls email me.

Thanks so much.


Of course, I emailed Naoko right away. Unfortunately, our emails to Naoko bounced. Tried many times. Naoko, may you see this and get back to us!

Let's Godwrite™ Together Continuing Ed Workshops

We meet once a month to unite together as One with God. That’s why we meet. This last Saturday we welcomed a new Godwriter™, Stephen Hopson, Author, Obstacle Illusions, Transforming Adversity into Success. We have the best of two worlds – God and people. It is indeed a pleasure to Godwrite together. Looking forward to seeing local Godwriters at future Let's Godwrite Workshops. Please RSVP. Refreshments will be served.

Heavenletter Expanding

Did you know that:

  • well over 14 000 guests visited the Heavenletters website in the last 30 days?
  • of those, over 6 500 were first time visitors?
  • the website now receives 10 times more visitors than it did when it first launched?
  • visitors on stay for much longer than the what is considered high by some of the most busiest sites?
  • the Heavenletters mailinglist is reaching 10 000 subscribers and that the read rate of Heavenletters are phenomenally high when compared to the "industry" standard for newsletters?

Heaven is reaching further and further! Help Heaven reach even further by clicking the Facebook like button next to each Heavenletter.

More Good News

Once again, Russ Michael, who has been publishing a Heavenletter every day -- for how many years, Michael? Ten? – is including Heavenletters in his new ebook.

Ascension and Golden Age book edition FREE English language Word doc format to anyone worldwide.

Easy INSIGHTS into 2012 Golden Age and Earth,

Humanity's Rapturous ASCENSION

Michael wrote:

This book was not an assignment of my mind. It was a sudden deep calling from within the sacred cavern depths of my soul… If you find or know of a more powerful force in Creation than pure love, please let me know.

And also:

Lady Isis, who has been reprinting Heavenletters forever, also includes mighty quotations of her own. Recently, in Isis’ Message of the Day, Lady Isis posted this quotation from God in Heavenletters:

"If I am everywhere, and I am, then I must also be within you. Look for Me. Look to see Me. You will see Me through My own eyes. And so I see Myself through you.

"All that is left for you to do is to see. Seeing also means remembering. Remembering and seeing are the same. There is nothing unknown to you. Despite what you think, nothing is hidden from you. Paradise is not hidden. You only have to look. Here, I gaze at it with you right now."

~ Quote from Heavenletters™ #1579 Paradise Is Not Hidden Copyright @ 2005 ~

Thank you, dear Lady Isis.

Closing God Quote

"You are of two minds. You have eyes that swivel. You can look up. You don’t have to look down. Be the greatest problem-solver in the world, and problems will still greet you. They rise one after the other regardless. They will greet you, on your terms. They will greet you, and how problems love to be fussed over. They will gravitate to you who gives them the importance they desire."
#3733 - The Good Ship Infinity

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Precious Gloria my heart feels your computer problem!

I am on the road. five days in Branson, Missouri with beautiful things happening.
Did a wedding today in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was a love treat.
I miss commenting but am much too busy on the road. I love the Words as they flow from the Good Ship Infinity.


Beloved George, you are a

Beloved George, you are a true minister of God. Here you are, aged 87, just having had chemo, and here you are, traveling and spreading seeds of love wherever you go. Proud to know you, George. God bless you always.

I Whole-Heartedly Thank U & God & Us!

"If I am everywhere, and I am, then I must also be within you. Look for Me. Look to see Me. You will see Me through My own eyes. And so I see Myself through you.

"All that is left for you to do is to see. Seeing also means remembering. Remembering and seeing are the same. There is nothing unknown to you. Despite what you think, nothing is hidden from you. Paradise is not hidden. You only have to look. Here, I gaze at it with you right now."

Dear Gloria

I See the Beautiful Faces in Heaven News, the Glorious Reflections of God, the Glorias & I Remember Who I AM. I see Us as God Facing Each Other as Our Hearts Utter: I AM Another U. Why so many Heavenletters?! They are Divine(Don's) Keys to Open the Infinite Petals of the Fragrant Heart Lotus. One by One as the Petals are Being Opened & the Heart-Fragrance Spreads, in a Giant Leap I KNOW I AM Living in Earth-Heaven One with Us & One with God! The ego myth of separation & duality is gone forever as I see & remember. I Whole-Heartedly Thank U & God & Us for the Pioneering Co-Creatorship We are Being!