The Nature of God

God said:

My nature, the nature of God, is the same nature as yours. I have said before: What I AM, you ARE.

This is impossible to believe, for you have thoughts and actions that I would not. This is what confuses you.

Beloveds, I said Our nature is the same. I didn't say you always follow your own true nature. Your nature is love, pure and simple, and yet you have diverted from love more than once.

Your nature is to be wise and loving. That's it. We could make a whole list of particles of Our nature, yet wise and loving are all you need to know. Why make a list that you may not follow?

What is My nature, beloveds? Well, all right, make a list of My nature, and know it is yours. Everything you are, I AM. You ARE My shining glory. Hard to believe, isn't it. You may not know even one person that fits the bill. And yet I will say it to you again and again: You ARE My shining glory.

If you cannot come to the head of the line, will you think of one occasion when you did shine My glory? It may even be before you knew Me as you know Me now. It may be long before you even had thoughts of Me. There is more than one time in your life when you were Kindness and Love personified. A very little thing counts. It is, indeed, the little things that do count.

It does not require a dandy production. There is no parade. Maybe you just quietly cleaned up after someone. Maybe once you didn't say a word. Maybe once you smiled at someone who needed your smile.

There is much good you can think of, and there is much good that you will not even remember. You may never even have recognized that you were going by My nature, yet going by My nature you were.

At the end of today, make a list of all the good you did today, and show Me the list. Hold it up so I can see and clap for you. If you gave one example today of My nature expressed through you, I am glad, happy, appreciative, thrilled, and grateful.

If you have given one example of My nature today, tomorrow give two.

In this case, look to the future. What do you think of today that you could do tomorrow to gladden someone's heart? Think of all the easy things. And then think of something that might be hard for you, not easy. And then do it.

Once you've thought of following Our nature, I guarantee that the only thing that can possibly hold you back is tiny ego. Beloveds, if you have to eat humble pie, eat humble pie. What a glorious thing to do. My glory shines.

In life, as in Godwriting, you have to get yourself out of the way. What does this mean? It means to surrender. What but ego would keep you from surrendering what is not your nature in the first place. Please don't equate habit with your nature. Ego is contrary to your nature. Ego is opposite to your nature.

Your nature is to be noble. You are nobility. You may not believe this, yet will you believe that you can go higher? Will you believe that you are more than you have yet revealed? Shine your light, and then you are a diamond on My crown. Anyway, you are immersed in My heart, and you wear the same crown I do. You are a star in the firmament, and it is time for you now to shine your light today and so shine My glory.

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There is a Difference.. Lets Learn It.

Indeed a good article to graduate human for better livingfulness by empowering self to enrich and enshrine a source of positivity that works wonder to perform all of humaneness...

But the difference between the Nature of God and that of Human lies in the ocean of understanding all of one's own self by discerning to decipher the esoteric attitude, which manifests the triviality of Human for the ontological reason being "GOD works on principle of Cause-Effect Continuum -whereas- Human works for Motive-Cause Continuum"

Our being as Human, physical ; emotional ; mental ; spiritual is but the product of Motive-Cause Continuum as a Lineage, whereas the Life-force Energy (Spirit Of Soul) that dominates all of Self to be as it want it to be is the progressive evolution of Cause-Effect Continuum as a Fluidity. Then the interminable intricacies between the working of Body: Heart : Mind : Spirit Of Soul designs the imponderable cloud that shrouds the intellectuality of even the most learned scientist and polymaths, forget about the plight of populace...

There is a great difference... Since human has adept ability to expression his thoughts through a Voice which is indeed a entrusted divine-gift, hence human being the source of Knowledge and God, both. Every human's mission here on Earth is to attain sotereologic-leap (spiritual salvation) as a quantum-creative act like one happens on every birth and on death (eschatology). But, human miserably fails to do so because of this difference. Albeit, he can be destined better to avail it so too provided this difference is discounted with Knowledge, in correctitude...

KNOWLEDGE and GOD is two sides of same coin. The educative way to address God is 'Knowledge'

Regards & Greetings... GOD BLESS ALL DIVINE.


Beloved Charanjeet, you are

Beloved Charanjeet, you are clearly a person of great intellect and knowledge and vocabulary. I imagine that an intellect such as yours is rare, and you have earned it.

Are you new to Heavenletters? Welcome!

God in Heavenletters talks mostly about the heart. I believe He even says that the world has enough knowledge and not enough heart! Without the heart, what does even the best action amount to?

God also, from His level, does not proclaim cause and effect! That is startling, I know.

Namaste. With love and blessings,


We created the difference not God.

To differ means to "carry apart" (dis-ferre in latin). I think that the difference does not reside basically between the nature of God and the nature of human. That is what God says in His premise. Human differenciated himself, carried himself apart himself, letting part of his divine sparkle above the veil and the other part under the veil. This was only possible through "forgetting". The part under the veil created a protective shell (ego). Human wanted to experience what it is, how it feels to be "different/apart" from God, which is the real You. So it is logical that his experience has only one aim: to reconquer his Memory, reconquer that divine sparkle above the veil. That is why human experiences separation, loneliness: it seems the only way to resurrect the Memory of his Origin. Human is interdimensionally God but he is not in his consciousness or awareness.

There is something that is You in you which is God. And the most direct way to access You/God is by «being wise and loving». And it is absolutely practical.

Oh, how I would love...

Dearest Normand,
Oh, how I would love to be sitting on a beach somewhere with you talking about "the origin of words". I love how you dissect and explain their derivations! Your interpretation of this particular Heavenletter thrills me to no end. I look forward to all of your explanations.
In Oneness,

peace and love

dear God heavenley father,
i want to thank all your heavenletter,
i am glad you try and try to telleng as of our of deily life,
i am writteng what am understan your words,
you say we are shining of your glory i dont want to forget that,
of your loveng words,, for me every breath of my life
i learn my self i dont want to hear my ego and i want i want
to sail in you, it onley the way i can go out of my ego,
am use my medetation,, medetation it very powerful to kek-out
of my ego, but aslong am alive i have my ego,
it inportan in our life to shining in our glory and love to give love
peace and love

the hardest thing

"Maybe once you didn't say a word."
Yes, God, today.

The Nature of God

Dearest Maestro, Beloved Father of LIghts, Mother of Lights, All that is,

Today I shall be a shining star, yes, that's what I endeavor to be today, a shining star
in the firmament today. When I acknowledge that you've given me one or more of your
Radiant Golden Angels to accompany me, guide me, how can I not shine like a star in the



God shouts through sweet Gloria about nobility.

Living in the forest it's hard to imagine that your Dad is the King.
Feeding pigs and eating some pig food clouds the memory of rich Dad at Home.
Living out of a skin, bones, fat, package it's hard to imagine that we are nobles hiding in this funny looking package.
For some of us the only contact we have with who we are is through Heavenletters.
Our tiny ego tells us that the fat, skin, bones, that comprise your BODY tells you from the cradle to Now that you are a BODY.
Inside the soft voice tells you that the BODY just carries the real, noble you. Read this Letter until your inside comes outside to play in God's playground.


Beloved God, you are such a

Beloved God, you are such a spokesman for God.

Did you see the Freudian slip I made above?

I meant to say, Beloved George!

Gloria and Freud!

Freud couldn't imagine that George and Gloria are really God Himself in Earth drag. His Son knew the scoop when he called out: "If you see me, you have seen My Father."
"See" is a gestalt for inner understanding of what IS.
When Gloria writes it is really God writing,
On Utube when Gloria smiles it is God smiling.
It's like Jesus says: "I, of myself can do nothing, I have only words from my Father, my apparent goodness is my Father. Don't call me good."
George loves to be called "BELOVED." At times he feels that way.


Beloved George, Loving you

Beloved George,

Loving you always !

Truth and possibilities

God always IS.

God always is Love.

God’s love is Infinite Potential.

God’s potential is always in the process of being realized.

Each realization creates new potential.

So, while God is constant and unchangeable, His creation, while still being part of Who He is, is expanding and changing.

Part of His expansion is to sometimes experience the illusion of who he is not, through us.

As in this letter, it is clear: who we are is God sometimes being who he would not be.

What He asks of us is to be more of who we actually Are in the midst of the creative illusion.

IS is the key to the Door of everything!

Is is the handle for Being,
Is is the threshold of consciousness.
Is is the location of the eternal Now.
Is is the ocean of awareness.
Is is the name of God's "well done",
Is is what the Son Finished.
Is is the name of the Spirit's function.
Isn't is what God's not.
Potentiality is almost IS.
Gloria is what really IS is. So are you Chuck.
Is is the playground for AM. We grow "AM" without trying. Into what we have alway been.


My nature, the nature of

My nature, the nature of God, is the same nature as yours. I have said before: What I AM, you ARE.

My nature, the nature of God, is the same nature as yours. I have said before: What I AM, you ARE.

My nature, the nature of God, is the same nature as yours. I have said before: What I AM, you ARE.

Now, tell me, who are you ??

Love to all