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The Miracle of Medici

Medici is with me now. She is my cat again, She has a long story, but I do not know all of it. Medici was found taped up in a box outside the Spay and Neuter Thrift Shop. What happened before that, she does not want to remember. So Medici is letting go of her past. After today we will no longer think about how she first came to me. But she came to me. At the time I also had another cat. We will also forget about the hissy fits. I became very, very ill. I could no longer take care of both my cats. Medici and the other cat went to a "no-kill shelter". When my son came to visit for Christmas, we went to the shelter to visit. The other cat had been adopted, but Medici was still there. She had been grieving and was half her body weight. Her chart said over and over, "cat wouldn't eat." When she first saw us, she just looked up as if she did not recognize us - or did not believe we were there. She was bony! I said, "We can't leave her here!" and called the assisted living place where I now reside, and asked "What would it cost me to bring my cat home?" I paid her ransom at the shelter, we went to buy cat food and supplies, and we brought Medici home, to my room that is painted purple and gold. I paid the pet deposit. I filled her water dish and her food dish, and set up her litter box, and gave her a toy. Medici came back to life! She recognized me! She is happy now!!! Last night I had a mildly unpleasant dream... when I woke up, here is Medici to comfort me! And today's Heavenletter...with the two beautiful videos...Medici teaches me how to let go of the past. She is no longer bony. Her fur is sleek and glossy and she loves to sleep on top of my tummy, just like always. The scratch on her face from a bully-cat is healing. Medici's survival is an amazing gift. My survival is an amazing gift. That we are together again is.... well.... Heaven.