The Meaning of Trusting in God

God said:

What does trusting in Me mean? Does trust in Me mean that you have all certainty that everything will be in the world as you wish? No, it does not.
Does trust in Me, God,  mean that no what you call trouble can befall you? Nope.
Does trust in Me mean that you are unerringly right? Sorry, no.
Trust in Me does not mean that I follow your perceived will no matter what.
And, yet, ultimately, that’s what I do. I do follow your will. Your will is for Me to give you what you ultimately seek, and what you seek is to come to Me. In the world, it seems all important that you come to Me when and how you wish. In the world, it seems essential that you come to Me as you see what is propitious.
Nevertheless, deep within you, you know that what matters is that We come together. Deep within you, you know that life is not how you behold it from where you are situated in the world. You know that you do not have a good survey of the land. You know there is more than what you see from your position in life. You know you see through a tiny key-hole. Truly, to trust means you desire to live in the world and die in the world according to a bigger vision than your eyes can see. That is trust in Me.
Despite your opinion or perception, all is well. All is well in the world. Seeing is not believing.
One way or another, you are going to come to Me, not body but soul, heart and soul.
Your heart is with Me now. Your soul is in My keeping now. Nothing can go wrong. Trust is knowing that regardless of what the world knows, I know better. The world is your pawn, dear ones. You are not its.
When you take a bus, you casually trust that the bus driver pays attention. You trust that the manufacturers of the bus took care for your safety. You trust that you will reach your destination and happily hop off the bus.
If you can trust a random bus driver, can you not trust Me? The fact is that by default, you trust every bus driver, every train engineer, every pilot. Otherwise, you would be immobilized. You would not even walk across the street.
Furthermore, trust is that if the bus driver is not reliable, or if he is, another driver of another bus or a car happens to not be reliable, your destiny is out of the hands of your bus driver, and there is an accident, and you are seriously injured or even your physical life is wrested from you, you give Me your trust that I am reliable and I know what I am doing.
Trust in Me is not quite the same as being fatalistic. Trust in Me is trust in My good will. Trust in Me means letting go of tension and resistance and all that can hobble you. Fearing to live life is a bigger fear than loss of life. Trust in Me means you live life and embrace it. Trust in Me is not running away from life. It is meeting life where it is.
And yet, you may desire with all your heart to trust Me, and yet you can’t quite get to that place. So I will say to you: “Trust Me anyway.” Besides, beloveds, what can you do? What are your choices? To feel hounded, chased, brutalized. To feel that way is trusting in your frailty.
And so I suggest that you trust in yourself and in Me. Accept My benevolence. Accept that death is not real. Fears are not real. Even on a practical level, you know that most of your fears are mythical. You may fear a hundred possibilities, and they don’t come true.  As for fear of the death of the body, that will be realized with your approval or not, so why fear death so many moments in your life?
Beloveds, when you do leave your body, you will embrace its loss and know you have lost nothing but your fears.

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Nit pick

Hi Gloria~ In the next to last paragraph that begins "And so I suggest . . ." and the sixth sentence that begins "You may fear . . .", the word "don't" has an extra apostrophe. I feel sort of bad pointing this out because it looks like it wandered in to get out of the cold hoping no one would notice. Maybe it can find a contractional "it's" where someone got confused and left the apostrophe out. I think we would all be better off without apostrophes anyway.

Dear Charles, please

Dear Charles, please nit-pick! For the life of me, I can't find the extra apostrophe you mention. I wonder if one of the sanctioned people to delete extra apostrophes have already fixed it!

Gloria, yes, someone fixed

Gloria, yes, someone fixed it yesterday. Poor little thing, I hope it found a good home. If not, heres one.

"If you can trust a random

"If you can trust a random bus driver, can you not trust Me?"

"Yes God, there is no reason why we shouldn't trust the driver of the universe."

Ah, Chetan.

Ah, Chetan.

Oneness connects to trust in God.

"The die is cast, the painting painted. There is nothing to speculate. All bets are off, which means you have asked and answered your own questions. Why question this or that when betwixt and between were never? So is it on Earth as it is in Heaven. Beloved, where can you be but with Me when there is nowhere else and nothing else? Digest what I say as a grape on its vine must."

"In any case, you are made in My Image. One in tandem with Me, you are a follower and preceptor of Greatness. Accept once and for all that Oneness is absolutely incapable of coming apart. From the beginning, Oneness is the whole bless-ed story. Now, Oneness connects to trust in God."