The Love That Dwells in Your Own Heart

God said:

What keeps you back from being all you want to be? Nothing, beloveds. Nothing but a ceiling in your mind. I am talking about what you really want to be in terms of yourself. I am not talking about winning a chess championship or becoming Queen of England or the greatest man on the block. I am talking about your true heart's desires, all the beauty and love that really and truly matter to you, that which you yearn for deeply, and what I can only say you are right to desire and that you deserve to have. Whatever your deepest heart's desires may be, you deserve. You must begin to know your worth.

I know you yearn for love. I know you feel you don't have enough. I know that sometimes you feel hurt by love dimmed, and other times bitter about love lost or not found, love gone awry, love stunted, love gone somewhere, love far away, love unrequited, love lacking the meaning that it once had for you, love on slippery ground, love strayed, love turned to anger or even hate, love diminished in some way, love unavailable, love besmirched, love torn from your heart, love mangled, love that fooled you and so on. By now you know that the love you search for dwells in your own heart. That's where all love is found. Be the love you want delivered to you. Be it, and then your heart will be such a magnet that you will be full of love and not needing more love to come to you, and yet you will have plenty. You will come to the point where it won't matter to you the way it does now, who or how many requite your love. Nothing will matter but the love that burgeons from your full heart. You will know that love is yours to give, and give it you will.

It is the love in your heart that will move mountains, beloveds. Your love will certainly move you to a higher plane.

Love asks for nothing in return. Not even more of itself. Love is a giver, not a taker. You are not giving love when you ask for a receipt. Then you are wishing to barter. Love is yours to give for the joy of it. Love is not given without joy. For instance, love counted, love given without joy may be sacrifice, but it is not love. Love is richness itself. You can't hoard it. You can't keep it for long. It has to be given away. Can you imagine a fruit tree trying to hold on to its fruit?

Can you imagine all the love in the world that has been hoarded, only to spoil and then be good for compost only? Love denied spoils. Fresh love cultures itself.

Even from a tiny seed, love can grow into the brightest flower.

There is no lack of love, beloveds. Regardless of how you may feel, I reiterate: There is no lack of love. There is love aplenty. There is lack of awareness of love, and that is the trouble.

Take it upon yourself to let love shine so not a thread of love is ever overlooked again. Get busy giving love out. Not gooey love, of course. Even be anonymous. Receive no plaudits for the love you give. Increase the incidence of smiles. The one who smiles may not know from where or from whom his smile came. He will know that love came to him from somewhere, and he will have received it.

Be generous in giving love today.

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and, of course, true :)

"Love suffers long and is kind!..."

This precious writer shows us the KEY to a life worth living.
These words teach, not preach. It's a path we all must work at, for the fun of it.
The dividends are being loved. I know. This site shows me the show.

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Get busy giving love out
For the joy of it

God said be the love
And increase the incidence
Of smiles aplenty

God said move with love
It is the love in your heart
That will move mountains

Love, Light and Aloha!


God and Alohalight111 for this One and for all...reminding it's not about me but the We...this along with the other one, Breathe, is the Key to Feeling Free...:)'s mike

"reminding it's not about me but the We."

I wish I'd said it, that's all I got to say!
Thanks Mike, your wisdom's showing.
George a bit jealous


You make me smile dear friend George...i often say to people, "if i wasn't so happy for you, i'd be jealous"...of course, as u say here, all in good jest...a nice thought that comes to me sometimes is if/since we're all One, then an"other's" abundance is representative of mine as well...happy for "them" is acknowledging the joy in me...and so it goes and goes and goes, longer even than the energizer bunny:)

since we're all One, then an"other's" abundance is representativ

Profound too, now I Am jealous. What a mind!
George the pleased