The Light

God said:

Here, take the stars. They are attached to your hand like kites by a string, only the connecting string is invisible to the naked eye. You are connected to everyone and everything by an invisible inviolable string of golden light. There is nothing you are not connected to. Acknowledge, beloveds, that every star in the Heavenly sky benefits from your attention, and you benefit from your attention and the light of each star as well. Your heart is connected to the stars. Your heart is a big radiating star, as big as the star called the Sun. Your heart is the sun of life.

Can you feel the radiance of your heart spinning right now the way the sun appears to spin? Can you feel your heart spinning and spinning with light so bright that it has the capability of lighting the world? Surely, you didn’t think the sun within your chest was just a bodily organ, did you?

There is nothing in your body that is only bodily. Your physicality is not of the utmost importance, yet it has importance, and it serves greater than itself. If you can accept that the physical is a manifestation of light, then it behooves you to accept that your body is a also a manifestation of light. Your physical body serves a greater reality than its overt appearance and purpose. There is also the sense in which your body is unbounded, for there is no limit to light. Light is far-seeking and farseeing.

Consider your heart the sun, and know that each organ of your body is connected to a star. You are the harmonium of the stars, beloved.

Your body is temporary, and you are eternal. And so, your humble body made of silent light, serves Eternity. Your physicalness has its place in the world. While your body exists in its present form, it is a servant of Eternity. It serves on your behalf. It contributes on your behalf and on behalf of the Universe.

Isn’t it amazing how you don’t see your body’s light and the light of others’ bodies? You tend to think that bodies are in your way.

You who are light think your body is only flesh and bones, and you flex your muscles. All the while, your body is a light machine, a generator of light. Not your body alone, of course, because your body requires your presence, just as you require Mine. This is the case for every body on Earth.

When you leave your body, the body then is lightless, for it has served its purpose. It carried you a long way. It went up and down many steps in service. Its feet balanced you, and your hands waved greetings, and your hands wove cloth, and your eyes saw and were seen, portals that they are. When you leave your body, you leave it like an old bathrobe. It served you well, and now you step out of it.

Now you take flight. You no longer need a car anymore than you need your body now. Your body was of the relative, and you are now clearly of the Absolute. Now you are light without any encasing. You are pure light shining, and now you see your own radiance. Now all you see is radiance. Now you see that which there ever was, light shining brightly.

Now you see the stars from which you came, and now you see the connectedness of everything and everyone, and so now you are in Heaven. And you can have all this awareness while you are still in your body on Earth. You don’t have to wait to step out of it. There is light and light and light, and you are the light.