The Light of Your Love

God said:

The truth is that all of your concerns are for naught. All the things that you get into a tizzy about are nothing at all. Certainly, they seem momentous, even gigantic to you, but in the light of love, they evanesce. In the light of love, all is light. Love leaves no room for shadow. The love light in your heart is not dependent upon any object you place as responsible for it. Love issues from your heart, and it remains there. No matter what the direction of your love, no matter what it focuses on, love is love and exists irrespective of the objects it emanates to. Your heart is the emanator.

No matter how much you love a particular incarnated being, it is not really the incarnation that you love. You feel regaled because the light of your love fell on a Godbeing, and you began to see your own love, and you are wowed at all the love you are. The source of your love is not your beloved one. The source of your love is your own heart. Your heart is sopped with the love that dwells there. A seeming outside source brought your attention to the love you are made of. What a magnificent feeling! And it can continue regardless of where someone is and what they are to you and what you are to them. When all is said and done, love is its own thing. It is not dependent upon this or that or when or where or who or what. What can love be dependent upon but itself?

Tell Me, please, what can matter but love? When love in your heart rises, what do the extremities of life have to do with it? Rich or poor? In snow or desert? What matters anything when love is so reachable and love is so extant?

See My love. See how it is. My love for you is not dependent upon your hairdo, nor your comfortableness in life, nor your perception of yourself, nor the perception of the world's eye on you. What can My love possibly be dependent upon but My love itself? My love alights on you and everyone, regardless of details. My love does not start and stop. My love does not excuse itself from anything or anyone. My love is rampant. My love takes over everything. It certainly takes precedence over your fussing.

And you are My love flagrant on Earth. My love through you can cure car exhaust and all manner of illness. There is nothing My love cannot do. There is nothing My love cannot do through you. It certainly can heal you of mistaken beliefs and mistaken identity.

The love within your heart is screaming to come out. Repress it no longer. Throw away the paddle you have been using to keep your heart's love in place. You have been skilled in pressing your love back in, swallowing it, as it were. You have been skilled at not acknowledging the love that stirs in your heart. You have slapped its wrist. You have had your finger on the Close valve and neglected the button that says Open. Would you deny the truth of this to yourself or to Me? Perhaps you would. You have denied love so long, perhaps you would deny that you have a lot of it and have restricted its passage.

You may feel you have many decisions to make, and that they are all earthshaking. But they are hardly discernible on the landscape of life. Yet there is a decision for you to make.

Beloved, decide today to allow the love in your heart to be free to land where it will, and you will see that it lands everywhere.