The Igniter of Men's Hearts

God said:

Beauty is everywhere. Vastness is everywhere. But today seek them out. Today court beauty and vastness as you would a rich man or a beautiful woman. You would go out of your way for them. You would have such consideration for them. You would open doors for them. You would sweep yourself before them. Be as care-taking today with creation.

There is something for you in creation today. Aspire to find it. Today your mission is to be on the lookout for greatness as if your life depends on it. Your life does depend on it because your life is made of what you see. Intend to see more, higher, greater. Find what you are looking for today. The thing is: you will find what you are looking for.

So today, be looking for something else, something more, something worthy of one such as you. Open up the universe today. Like a luscious chocolate, find out what is inside. As you savor chocolate, don't you usually check over the box to see who made them? Look for My label on earth today.

Look at the universe. Savor its flavor. And so you will be acknowledging Me. Hark to the concert of life. True, you can find Me in the song of a little bird as well as the vastness of the horizon, but today look for Me on the vast horizon.

When you stand at a horizon of beauty that is so grand and so vast, the beauty begins to seep into you. Standing before greatness helps you to know your own size. Greatness doesn't diminish you. Only greatness can see greatness. Greatness is an echo of you. Look at what is before you.

Today get out of the mundane and step into wondrousness. It was made for you. I created wondrousness for you to admire and absorb. What else would it be for except as a reminder of you and a reminder of Me?

Gaze up into the sky today and find yourself emblazoned there. Wherever you look, you will find yourself. But today you look for greater. Today you look for greatness. Today you don't go through the cubby hole. Today you go right up to the universe and open its front door wide-open. When you do, you are opening it for more than yourself. You open up the world, for it looks where you do. Where you point, all eyes look.

Cast a spell on the world today. Help it to look higher. Help it to see more than it has been seeing. Help it to become embroiled in vastness instead of politics. Help it to gaze at Truth. Lift the hearts of the world today by what your eyes see and what your ears hear. Expand the universe so that all may see it more clearly. Today let's give the world the gift of sight. Begin. Be the first. There is nothing to wait for. Open your eyes. That is how you open the world and reveal My heart to it. As you go, so goes the world. It is not meant to be the other way around. You are a diviner of the world and the igniter of men's hearts.