Setting Sail

God said:

When you erase the word "error", you also erase the word "problem". When you stop seeing errors and stop seeing problems, then love remains for you to see. There are no problems except as you say. What you presently see as problem or even tragedy, consider looking at it as your big chance. It is your big chance to see what you are on earth for in a new way.

You are the hero of your life, and you are time and time again.

With each instant and instance of your life, you can look at it a different way. You must look at it a different way.

Would Columbus have set sail if he had seen his trip as a problem? He had his vision of the earth as round, and he chose to share his vision. He was not thinking of his honor or wealth. He was thinking of Truth. He had set sail on his journey long before it crystallized and long before he even knew what it was.

Call your life adventure. And call to your life what you want.

You say that some things are problems no matter what you call them. Illness, death, aging. But that is how you have learned to think of them. You can think of them differently. You can think of them as setting sail for a new horizon.

In illness you can be a hero. In death, you can. You do not have to be victim portrayer of a tragedy. All that you call obstacle is a resetting of your inner heart. You are meant to rise to the occasion of life.

Whatever you have seen as a problem in life has set you on a new course. Life is always rewriting itself. In the world, nothing stays the same, nor is it supposed to.

Yet you have had the idea your life is supposed to stay the same. You are not to age nor flounder nor anything at all but what you choose, as though anything else is an error that must be covered up or undone. You may have been educated to think that you must defy death and defy illness or any event you do not personally choose.

Remember, Columbus set sail for India, and he found America. What if Columbus' heart had not sung when he reached shore? What if he stamped his foot and rued his error? No, he was glad for what came. And so, your ship does not have to follow the course you have set. An obstacle is when you think it must. You become the obstacle when you belie discovery.

You were not meant to be rigid about life. You are meant to be fluid. Setting sail for one course alone and demanding your prescribed outcome comes from fear of what can befall or already has.

Much of your fear is from habit. You are used to it. But fear is not meant to be your guide.

Fear not illness nor death nor loss of love nor anything because you are in the tow of life. Life can be pulling you in a direction you would not have thought of but through which lies gold all laid out for you to discover. All is not lost. Something is always gained.

Before you were born, you accepted the golden opportunity called life. Now, accept it again. Accepting is not defeat, although you have thought so. When you accept, you move forward. When you do not accept, you rail and fume and waste your portion of life.

You can mark all the charts you want, but all you can know in life is that you set sail.