Be the First

God said:

What opportunities for love will present themselves to you today?

You can be sure that many or most or all occasions for love will not be high drama. They will not be under a spotlight. They won't carry a neon sign. There won't be trumpets or clarion calls.

Opportunity to love may come in disguised ways, but it will come daily. You might see an event or discussion as occasion for anger or distress, but let's call it what it rightfully is, and that is opportunity for love. Be not an opportunist waiting to receive love but a giver of it.

You are often so quick to take offense and hesitant about giving love, as if it costs you something. All it can cost is ego. All that can prevent your expression of love is ego. Or We can say it is your mind set. It is thinking about yourself overmuch at the same time as you do not think enough of yourself.

When you truly value yourself, you will dispense love to Kingdom Come. Tell Me, what ego did My son Christ display?

He did not have to discard it or resist it. His thoughts were not on himself. His thoughts were on Me. And when you immerse yourself in Me, or let Me immerse in you, your heart, like Mine, is full of love. Your heart is already full of love, but you may hoard it, stuff it, hold it back, waiting for a better occasion. You may look to see what someone else does or says before you allow My love through you to flow. It is My love you keep in reserve in your heart. Do you not save love for special occasions? But love is not to be stored.

When you serve others in equal measure to how you perceive they serve you, you are self-serving. Self-serving is too restrictive. That makes you only a reflection of what seems to be in front of you. The Moon reflects something grand, and you are meant to also. To do that, you must look beyond the bits of dust and shrapnel that seem to pervade the arena of your life. Certainly, you don't want to be blinded by them and give yourself in thrall to them as if you grant them mastery over you.

Like the Moon, you are a reflection of the Sun. The Sun shines. The Sun does not withhold itself. Its shining is not dependent upon the kind of attention it receives. It doesn't wait for your attention at all. If the Sun reacted to only what is conveyed to it, how much light would the Sun shine? Fortunately, the Sun has a mind and a will of its own, and it sends light all over the world regardless of what is given to it. And the Moon reflects that steady light. The Moon does not reflect streetlights. The Moon knows where its light comes from.

And yet do you not sometimes forget the wealth of love that is yours to reflect on earth? Certainly you are meant for more than reflecting earth to earth. Mundaneness is not what you are to reflect. Smallness is not. You are to reflect My heart, nothing less than that. What is so hard about letting My heart beat through yours.

Avail yourself of the opportunities to give love that present themselves to you today. Dip into your heart of Mine and give love in unlikely places. Do not give misdemeanor for misdemeanor. Give love instead. Not later. But now. Be the first.