The Highpoint of the World

God said:

From the valley of your heart stirs the mist of love. Lighted by the sun, this valley nourishes love. Or you can think of your heart as a mountain, for your heart is, indeed, the highpoint of the world. Only sometimes your heart is a like a volcano, filled with fire. Fire is an unnatural element for your heart. You know it as anger. No mountain thrives on its inner fire. Better to be a mountain without fire.

And yet anger has been bred in your heart, and you don’t know how to dispense with it. Beloveds, what would happen, if you no longer felt anger? Do you think the wind would go out of your sails? Anger takes away your strength. You may say you feel strong anger, but anger is never strong, and it is always wrong for you. It saps your strength. Let not your inner core hold fire to it. Let your anger take a walk and never come back. What do you have to keep its embers for? For old times’ sake?

You are trying to get out of the past. You don’t want the past clinging to you any longer. And yet you harbor the vestiges of anger, as if they were holy, as if they must be a candle lit in your heart. Let only one flame burn in your heart, and that is the flame of love. The flame of love fills your heart with joy, and it fills the universe too. Love is not stubborn. It simply belongs in your heart. Anger, on the other hand, is stubborn. It doesn’t ever want to let go. It wants to belong to you. It wants you to sit up and take notice of it.

Anger is a dragon in your heart. It shoots flames. To what avail, beloveds? To what avail? What is the merit of it? Fire burns, and it leaves ashes. The ashes of anger clog your heart. Choose cigarettes over anger any day.

Anger doesn’t fuel you, beloveds. It fuels itself, and it singes your heart. Your heart is meant for sweet cream, not anger. Anger curls up your heart like a sneer. Let your heart smile instead. Clean the mirror of your heart. Wash its windows. Love will do it. Love will do anything. Love will do everything.

Anger is always righteous, beloveds, in your eyes. It is always meritorious, deserved, necessary. In your eyes, it is an obligation. It shows how good you are. You will not be abused, discounted, taken advantage of, and so you abuse yourself and your heart.

Your heart can only be a pretend dragon. Your heart is not meant to shoot fire. Your heart can only burn itself. Put out the fire of anger in your heart. Welcome love instead.

A lot is said about forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for feeling less than love. Forgive yourself for charring your heart. Forgive yourself for holding to you that which you would have been smart to let go of long ago.

Fire in hearts creates wars. You disdain war. Now abstain from war in your heart. Let that anger go. It is a foreign object in your heart. It is nothing at all but a hindrance, a pest that you have let gain admittance to your heart. Shoo it away. Let it go far far away. Let it fall off the edge of the Earth. Certainly, get it out of your heart. Your heart is meant for holier than anger. It is meant for love, beloveds, for love, and for love alone.