The Highlight of God’s Being

God said:

Beloved, you are the Highlight of My Being. You are what I am about. You are My focus. You, your life etc., do not require so much of your attention. Inasmuch as you have Me in your corner, why would you be so focused on your specific life to the extent you are?

Of course, no one likes to hear: “Life isn’t all about you.”

Nevertheless, this is good advice. There must be better ways to say this. Here are some I think of:

“Love your brother.”

“Serve God with all your Heart.”

“Be true to your Self.”

“Life carries far more magnificence than you may as yet see.”

“Self covers a Great Range.”

“Look Higher.”

“The world is Vast.”

Beloved, seek your Heart. Assemble it. No more dissembling. Seeking your heart is finding out where it already exists and what you want, and what you want to be and Who You really are. You are not what you have thought. You have not yet fully embraced yourself. You have been a little standoffish, unwilling to troll the depths of yourself in the event you would have to sustain a recognition of yourself that overwhelms you. How can you possibly be all that God says you are?

You fear you cannot keep up with Me and your Self. You fear that I see a mirage of you beyond your ability. You cannot possibly be all that I say you are. You fear that you will misplace the nitty-gritty of you. You’re not sure you want to make room for this phantom of your Self. Maybe you really just want to hang out in your old bathrobe and slippers. You don’t want to be glorious to the extent that too much might be asked of you.

You may no longer desire to be shot out of a cannon. You don’t want to be outstanding. Why would you really want stardom? You wouldn’t mind the accolades, yet you don’t want to be beckoned to go on stage. You may really want to slouch and not be called on. You would gladly stay in the background. You might gladly roll over and go under the covers and leave it at that.

Maybe it’s enough for you to know that I, God exist. You might be left out of it. You might rather admire Me than see a refashioning of yourself. You don’t really want to be singled out and called on.

You might rather sneak out the back door. You would rather be surprised rather than to even know what I, God, think of you.

You are not yet ready be in the limelight. You don’t want to disappoint Me. You don’t want to be in a situation where too much is expected of you. You don’t want to be a leader and climb a ladder that could topple over with your weight on it.

You may wish to be less than you can be rather than the most you can be.

No one needs to know your name. You don’t mind being nameless. You like My Name to be heralded. You are happy to be backstage. When push comes to shove, you would rather see others’ Light before your own. Are you sure it is your Truth to be anonymous?

You’re not sure you want God to favor you because that puts a star on your sleeve. You don’t want responsibility on your shoulders. You never wanted responsibility. You would rather hide under your bed.

You ask Me:

“Please, God, allow me to serve You behind the scenes. I will sweep the ground before your feet. Hallowed be Thy Name.”

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"If I AM the Highlight of Your Being God, then surely I allow you to Be the Highlight of My Being." Thank you for your unwaivering faith in Me. I lovingly follow your Light with Divine Faith.