The Heart of the Matter

God said:

Today is a good day to treat yourself by taking it easy. Pull back a little. And if you must toil today, still take it easy. Take easily what life brings you. You can do this every day of your life.

Life is hard when you object to it. Stop objecting, and your life will ease. What is it exactly that you fight anyway? Lay down your sword. It hangs heavily on you.

Hold something else in your hands. Let your hands wield love. Let your hands soothe and calm the universe. Stroke hearts. Every heart on earth craves your blessing. There is not one that does not yearn for it. What a simple thing for you to do! Would you make it hard?

Why not hold an imaginary wand of blessings in your hand? The sword you carried a moment ago was no less imaginary.

But love is real, and you can get to know the love in your heart better. You can get to know it very well. You can let your heart bounce off others. Consider your heart a centrifuge that flings its contents of love out to the world. Certainly your heart is stirred. I stir your heart with love. I stir love with love. I give you great momentum of love.

You say you want to be happy. What heart is happy when it keeps less than love. Your heart is meant to be soft. Never was it meant to harden. Piques and hurts, major or minor, are less than love. You injure your heart with them. Every time you allow affront to enter your heart, you stab yourself. The love in your heart is a great filter. Do not turn your heart into something else. Let your heart be a heart of love.

Unforgiveness is a hardening of the heart. It closes down avenues. Unforgiveness is lovelorn. When someone has offended you, has not regarded you highly, has overlooked or snubbed you or downplayed you, or didn't think of you at all and left you out of his life, why keep the dart that pierced your heart in the first place? Why keep it deep in your heart? Why not forgive yourself for having taken offense? Pull the arrow out and toss it into the nearest waste receptacle where it belongs. Unforgiveness is such a waste.

Better yet, shrug your shoulders. Do not be so accepting of slights and hurts. Turn them away. Consider your heart a mansion you rent out. Choose the tenants you allow to move in. Slights and hurts can only tear up your house. Fill your mansion with love itself, and it will be filled with joy and laughter, and it will be a shining example to the world. It will be more than that. It will be happy.

Certainly, you can give as much care to your heart as you would to a building.

Surely, you can give as much care to the contents of your heart as you do to the contents of your purse.

Of course, you can give as much care to your heart as you do to the shelves in your cupboard.

You are careful what gas you put in your car. You check the oil. Your car is hardly worth more than your heart. Let your heart be a chariot of love.

Your heart is a valuable gift I have given you. Please take care of it. Maintain it. Restore it to its original state. Attend to the beautiful heart I gave you. Hold it high, beloveds!