Every Blade of Grass

God said:

Every single soul on earth contributes to the whole. Every blade of grass. Every inch of life is important. Every bit of life is holy. You, too, no matter what you may think about it.

Life is something to be in awe of. Love Me and be reverent towards life. Do not put life down. Do not drag it and disparage it. If life is a gift, and you do not see its gifts, then how can you be grateful.

I ask you to be grateful for what I have wrought. I have wrought with your participation. I did not surprise you.

You were not foisted on earth. You were not hurtled here. You were not picked up and dropped. You were placed here, and you chose the spot. You cooperated. Cooperate now. Get on with it.

When you chose your spot on earth, your vision was far greater than it is now. You did not make a mistake. You saw the whole picture, and you gloried in it. Now let more light enter. You are not to despair over what you see as darkness. You are to bring light to it.

Wherever you find yourself, it is where you are. Protest, and you dig yourself in deeper. Protest all you like, and you stay where you are. Protest against your protest, and you will begin to move. When you aggravate over your life as you see it, you are forgetting responsibility. Even if you do not believe you chose your setting, you must know by now that you are the only one who can do something about it. Wait for no one.

If your present life is not satisfactory, what would you like it to be? Whatever your answer, throw out your complaints. Entitle yourself to change your life. You are the one who lives your life. Your life is dependent upon you. You have thought you were dependent upon it.

This realization may well be a turning point for you.

Even in prison, you have choice.

Even in despair, you have choice.

No matter what, you have choice. There is something for you to choose. If you don't know what your choices are, then choose to find out.

I will tell you one thing. If you don't know what to do to begin making your life more of what you want, then look at another's and do something to make theirs brighter. Even the littlest thing you do to brighten another's life is big.

You do not have to be like everyone else in your life or like any one else. Whatever others seem to be, no matter how they harp on you, pull you down, distress you, you are not they, and you do not have to seem like them. They may not yet know all you know. They may not yet know Who they are and Who sent them here. But you have a taste of knowing.

You are beginning to know that you were put in your setting for a reason, and a good reason. It may not at all be a reason that would occur to you in your earth consciousness nor one you may see as wonderful, but there is importance here for you, and more gold than you can imagine. You can start looking for the gold. What else would you want to look for?

Your are on a scavenger hunt. All the clues are here. Seek that which I have laid out for you. Gold and diamonds and rubies are everywhere. They may even be in plain sight, and you just didn't see. Look again.