The Harbor of God

God said:

It is an idea that you have that anything is yours to own. When you have a sense of ownership, that’s when a sense of loss can creep in and make itself known. A sense of lack follows ownership. Self-righteousness follows ownership. A sense of ownership becomes a block.

Think about it a moment. Without a sense of ownership, what can you lose? Only when you hold tight to something can it slip out of your grasp. Own nothing, lose nothing.

Only a proprietor of a store can lose the store. Ownership and loss are both ideas. They seem sequential, yet they are harnessed together. Heartache also seems to go along with proprietorship and loss of what you thought you owned.

Beloveds, you do not even own the past, and so the past is for you to let go of. There is nothing that you are to hold onto. You are learning to let go, and let go you must. There is nothing to hold onto anyway.

Beloveds, you are as the water that flows.

Do not get your back up. Do not have a spine like steel. Be the willow that bends. Consider bending to life like bowing to life, honoring life, honoring the course that life takes, even when it changes its mind or dives off a cliff. Where life takes you, that is your course. You do not bobble only on the surface of life, yet, at the same time, you do not put down a heavy anchor. Light is the canoe that you paddle. Light is the bark you sail on. You are not adrift. You are sailing on the ship of life. Be it an ocean-liner or a log you hold onto, you are a sailor in life.

You sail the High Seas. You sail the low seas. You surf. You follow the waves. The waves are your guides. All the waves in life, those wanted, those unwanted, lead you to Me. I am your Destination. By hook or by crook, you find your way to Me.

It is worth your while to sail into My heart. It is worth your while to sail into the Harbor of God. Where you came from is where you sail to. The waves of life take you on a journey that no one else ever has traveled. Therefore, you are a pioneer of life. Beloveds, you set sail long ago, and there is only one place that you wind up at, and that one place is where you never left except on a Voyage of Make-Believe, will you believe Me?

Despite the many mistakes you seem to have made, there are no mistakes. There are, however, misunderstandings. There are no mis-adventures. There is no lay of the land, so to speak. There is only sailing, and that makes you a sailor. That makes you a Captain of Fortune, Good Fortune. Life is your fortune. You are fortunate. You have the good fortune to explore and live a life that is yours and yours alone, and, yet, there comes the time when you get off the boat you sail on, and you fly to Heaven which is, of course, the Highest Sea of all the High Seas.

You may have thought that you were alone on your ocean voyage, yet you were never alone. Alone-ness is not possible. You may wander off from Me, yet I am bound to you and go with you no matter how far you may wander off. Wandering is only in your imagination. We are One Heart, and nothing, nothing, nothing at all can separate you from Me or Me from you. I suppose We can accurately say that We can only be separate in delusion but never in Truth. We are One, what more is there to say?

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Thank You God.

Oh yes I did not always followed the correct course and still at times veer away a bit, but God corrects me as I know he is with me and Thank you God for that. God has taken over the driving at times and the trip goes much faster then. Wow are we that far already, better go easy Jack you are getting tired. It is quit comforting knowing that you walk with GOD. Extually God is very nice company. Love you all Jack

To feel alone when you are not alone is often life as lived.

We are trapped by social customs, forms, idea that make us feel separate and alone. What should we do about this? Thinking is what makes things appear in our consciousness. "As a man thinketh, so is he." Read Heaven Letters, cry over them, love them, let them teach you how to love yourself just as you are. You are who you become. Now just think some new and sweet thought about you. You'll be right, God says so.


Thankyou for your thoughts

Thankyou George Monta for asking us to think of some new sweet thought about ourselves...and we will be okay....I needed this just at this moment! Heather