The Hand of God Is Love

God said:

As ye sow, so shall ye reap has many layers of understanding. At first glance, it seems to mean that you get what you give.

At the same time, I affirm again and again that there is no time; therefore, there is no cause and effect. How can there be in Eternity?

Of course, in Earth reality, if you cut yourself, you bleed. If you trip, you fall. If you smile, odds are that someone will smile back at you. What a nice custom this is.

In Reality, in Heaven time, named Infinity, there is no sequence. There is energy yet not action. The energy is love. What can follow love? What can stand next to it?

Certainly, your thoughts create, yet it is not quite so stark as night following day. You could think a kind act, you could, indeed, be kind, and be slapped. You could commit a crime and be rewarded. Infinity is not finite.

All possibilities exist on Earth, and this is one of the aspects of light that makes life so interesting and which also makes life daunting.

We can say that committing a kind act is its own reward. That is it. We can say that committing a crime is its own punishment, even when someone seemingly gets away with it. We can also say that it doesn’t matter in the end. We can also say it matters very much, for life is at stake, and life is a great gift.

Can We say that as you reap, you sow? This possibility exists yet is not always. Contrary are the ways of the world.

Nothing is a sure bet as seen from the eyes of the world.

There is more to the world than meets the eye.

Everything in the world is not tit for tat. Equality doesn’t mean what you think, yet everyone on Earth has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Because there is no cause and effect, everyone can drink from the same chalice with varying results.

Something was set in motion yet went different directions. There is no finality to life. There is only life. Death as a finality does not exist.

Speaking of directions, there is no space any more than there is time, so directions do not really exist. Illusions, all. There are no conclusions. There are no dead-ends. Creation is one big pot. It is a run for your money. Few on Earth have a comprehension of Creation or life or anything at all.

Mind, be still. Hearts beat. Heartbeats stop, yet life is eternal, and love never stops. Love is inevitable. The Hand of God is Love. Love permeates the world and beyond the world. The only real is love, and that’s the whole story without all the plots. Twists and turns are all made up and never existed except as you guessed so.

There is no death, yet there is a return. It is a tiny switch of the dial between life and so-called death, yet there is no death to speak of, yet, in terms of Earth, it is monumental tragedy.

In one sense, life on Earth is a con-game. With a snap of your fingers, one game is over, and another begins. At the same time, there is no beginning, and there is no ending. Even so, I AM, and you ARE, and We are Eternal. There was never a past, and yet you are caught up in time. You adhere to it, yet time is not. I AM the Cause, yet there is no effect. Only when Illusion takes over does there seem to be.