The Great Mystery

God said:

I am a heartbeat away. I am not even a heartbeat way. I am within your pulse. Your heart beats with Mine. We are so intimate, beloveds. We are Oneness.

Oneness is not just a pretty term I use. All words fall short. No word can convey the depth and breadth. Even the one word Love becomes just a word. What encyclopedia could begin to reveal its meaning? Words do not begin to touch their meaning. And so with the word Oneness, the quality of One, a poor description of what is supreme. One is not a number! Oneness is the most. It is innermost. The best a word can do is invoke a resemblance of its meaning and harken you to its soul.

Oneness is a mutual association, but, of course, to be Oneness, it cannot be an association, but Wholeness. It is Fullness. It is Completion. But how can Oneness be complete when there is nothing incomplete? How can We be inseparable when there is no separation?

The great mystery, however, is that you can believe in Aloneness. You are perhaps more aware of loneliness than Oneliness. How can that be? How can My beloved children believe more in what is not than in what is? How can My children be Godblind? Colorblind is nothing. Godblind is nothing too, but it is everything. How can My children be Goddeaf when I am speaking My love at every twist and turn of life? How can I not be heard? How can you not hear Me?

You may think the miracle is to hear My Voice. The amazing thing is when you do not. How can you not feel My touch? The amazing thing is when you do not. How can you be thirsty in the middle of a reservoir? How can you imagine you are on dry land when you are afloat? How can you be sad in the midst of joy? How can you ever be anything but the love that you are? How can you feel vacant when you are Fullness? How can you be surrounded by a feast and feel hungry? Why would you abstain? It is not politeness that would have you abstain.

Perhaps you are waiting for a signal before you eat. The signal was given long ago. I said, "Dig in." I said, "Eat all you want. There is more where this came from." I said, "I give more than tokens of My love. I give My love. I never withhold it. If I do not withhold it, then it must be you who does, in which case, you deny your Self. What a game you play. You play false, not I."

I gave you all the dice. Roll them. I gave you all the cards. Deal. I gave you all the good in the world. Take it. Make it visible to all and to yourself. Wrest the juice of the orange, the nectar of the peach, the beauty of life. Wrest the exquisite Oneness from the plethora of the world. Be Oneness. Represent Me today. Look in the mirror and, with My eyes, see the One Light We stand in. O holy light that penetrates your heart. O holy light that emanates from your heart. O holy light that absorbs and radiates and, above all complication, stays simple.

Oneness is simple. The very nature of Oneness is simple. Oneness is not complex. Oneness is not loud. It is not many-speared. It is not trident. It is Oneness never severed. It is incapable of being severed. Oneness cannot be undone. It was never tied. It was never twain. It was always Oneness. Will you accept that you are Oneness of the One Universe and all that it is made of, that you are this Vastness of Oneness that wraps itself in a coat of many colors?

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