The Golden Rule and the Law of the Land

God said:

I must address this about following the laws of the land. Of course, go within the speed limits. If you have to get a license, get it. No matter how trivial or unnecessary a law may seem, follow the laws of the land. Frankly, beloveds, how many laws, no matter how silly, are worth the time and energy it would take you to protest them?

On the other hand, if there are laws that say it is okay to steal from designated people, if there are laws that say it is okay to kill your neighbor, if there are laws that say to slay the first-born son — if there are laws that say you must do that which is an affront to My heart and yours, love would tell you not to do them. Love and regard for life certainly come before the taking of life.

"If it were always so simple!" you say, for it is not always so simple. You say: "If I have to choose between shooting someone or being shot, what am I to do then?"

This, beloveds, I will not give you the answer to, because, as always, it is your choice to make, no matter how uneasy it is. You have free will, beloveds, even when forced into situations that are beyond any limits you yourself would ever set.

In the world, murder is not sanctioned, but killing is. In war, you become a hero when you devastate. If you do not devastate, you may be held as a coward. No man would kill women and children, and yet women and children are killed.

You may be totally opposed to killing in any form, yet if a man with a gun is about to shoot your family unless you shoot him first, what do you do then? Whatever you do, it is against your conscience. May you never be in that situation, beloveds!

People have risked their own lives, and the lives of their children, to save other lives. May you never be put to the test.

Sometimes you are faced, even in small things, with having to make difficult choices, to the degree that you are incapable of knowing what is right when every choice seems not right.

Everyone would propound telling truth, but who has not lied to save his neck, or even to get out of a minor scrape? What is even little or big is not always easy to determine.

It is not always easy to have the courage of your convictions. It is not always easy to know what your convictions are.

Sometimes there are situations where you would be hard put to apply the Golden Rule. Should you put your neighbor's life above your own?

If a man is hungry, is it stealing when he grabs a crust of bread from the bakery? Why doesn't someone give him bread?

As you wonder what you would do in certain situations and not really know, you may know a handful of people who will put others' lives before their own. You do know some people who put God's love above man's laws, who put My love above all else, who put My love first because they cannot do less.

They do not think it through. They do not weigh the costs nor play the odds. They will go in front of a car to save a child. They will risk their lives because that is what is up right then. There is no choice for them. This is all that they can do.

I am sorry to bring up such a sad subject, yet I had to say My piece about following the laws of the world so you will know what I mean.

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May you never be in that

May you never be in that situation, beloveds!

But should I ever find myself in that situation, I will know there is some "unpeace" (translation of German word) left in me and has to be dealt with. Otherwise, why would this come up? I can only hope to be securely established in trust by then so I can call on You as my Life Assistant as You recommended last Sunday. You will give a clear signal then. And what will be there to think about.

Laws are not worth protesting. But they will change with our thinking. There must be a whole lot of nonsense in our current thinking. Thank God we have clear indicators showing us where we are, laws for instance.

It is not always easy to have the courage of your convictions. It is not always easy to know what your convictions are.

Oh yes, that is true. But we are finding out, and we will have the courage.

And we will not allow one man to go hungry, let alone millions

The Golden Rule and the Laws of the Land

Yes, the laws of the land pertaining to killing in war where killing is considered courageous -
and devastating ing the land are not questioned but admired, what appaling affronts to a pacificists conscience!

I feel very lucky, indeed, that my three sons never had to make the decision to go to
war by having to join one of the armed forces.

I have heard of amazing stories where women faced with a desperate men with a lethal
weapon had the equanimity to talk the desperation out of the man.

Sad subject? Not at all,

I say this is not a sad subject because, we all walk through the laws of our own hearts and lives.
When our big ship docked at Sasabo, southern Japan, for occupation of that distressed land, a few timid frightened children came to look at this big boat disgorging hundreds of soldier. The reaction of the sailors to the children was immediate love. We ran to our lockers for candy bars and good things to toss down to the children, who expecting rebuke, were given sweets for their hungry tummies. This was a law in action. it's called "LOVE!"
If you have to think about it, it's not a law at work, but a response coming from a HEART we can't see and a divine chuckle we can not hear. soon the frightened parents came and were surprised by the bread and love we tossed them.

To think about our instinctual responses is a process just out of our reach until the MOMENT of LIFE has passed and we reflect on it. God's that way, we tend to see more of HIM in our internal rear view mirror. It;s fun to think about that sort of thing.

Jochen's thoughts were deep and wonderful! Thanks friend.

George humming a new tune

Golden Rule

I do not completely agree that this is a "sad" subject. I think it's a serious one to consider, however.


For me, it's more fun to play hop scotch with God, He marks the squares with such love.

George, jumping for JOY.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Love would tell you what to do
Yet it is your choice

God said what is right
I will not give answer to
For you have free will

Love, Light and Aloha!