The Gift of Responsibility

God said:

It is a poor choice to let things hang over you. They may be waiting to be taken care of, but they don’t have to hang over you. They can be waiting in line. The line can be long, and yet none of it has to hang over you. You do not have to feel pressed.

Be glad that you have responsibility. Responsibility is a great gift you have.

You are like the usher who takes tickets at the movie. He is glad when the line is long. He knows he can only take one ticket at a time, and he takes each one cheerfully. The ticket-holders simply move up in line. They do not converge on you. They do not clamor for your attention. They simply wait their turn.

And so you can feel easy about what is yet left for you to do.

You know you cannot get everything done all at once anyway.

Let your chores wait their turn. Do not scurry to them.

Let your responsibilities be like waiters who will get to you soon enough. They will appear and take your order.

If you have ten things to accomplish today, you can only do one at a time. If you have a hundred things to accomplish, you can still do only one at a time. What is the urgency? Everything will wait for you patiently.

Any sense of urgency you have does not come from the outside. You are the one who sets yourself up with urgency. You are the one who makes yourself desperate.

Maybe you cannot catch up. Maybe you will never catch up. Something new will present itself to you anyway.

Who sets your timetable? If there were not belief in time, you would not feel burdened. You would not feel that you can’t get out from under.

Because you have responsibility, give yourself a reward instead of a penalty. Carrying a burden is a great penalty.

It does not make you shiftless to accomplish only as much as you can at a time. You do not need ten hands. If you had ten hands, you wouldn’t know what to do with them.

If the baby cries, you take care of him. If you are hungry, eat. If someone else is hungry, feed them. Do what is yours to do. Responsibility does not have to encroach on you, beloveds.

Know responsibility for the great gift that it is. The more responsibility you have, the more you are blessed. Your shoulders are broad. Your heart is big enough. Love the responsibility that is yours.

If you had ten children, you would love them. Love would supersede everything else or accompany it. Love would come before loads of laundry, or it would accompany the laundry. You are not a drudge to do laundry or anything else. You are a privileged Being to do whatever task is before you now.

Do not resist responsibility. Welcome it. You can be responsible without carrying the responsibility. Do you understand? Responsibility is not a dragon. It is not a heavy load. It is something you take care of. Accept responsibility as the gift it is. It is a great gift. It is a great gift bestowed on you.

Out of the millions of people and possibilities, something was given for you to do. With grace you do it. With Divine Grace, you do it. Remember Whom you do it for. Remember you are from a galaxy of love, and love is what you do whatever form you do it in. Love what is before you to do, and so now you do it. Where is the burden, beloveds?

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