The Gates of Infinity and Eternity

God said:

Never am I impatient with you. Can you imagine that I would entangle Myself with impatience? I am neither patient nor impatient. I AM. In order for patience and impatience to exist would require a setting of time. In Eternity there is no time. There is nothing for Me to get impatient in or be patient in. I do not tap My foot. I do not whiz around. For all practical purposes, I hear, I feel, I see, I know, and you have My heart wrapped around your little finger. I delight in you. Where can impatience lie in delight? Where does impatience come into existence except from a thought that time is wasting or that you are going too slow, as if you ought to be in a hurry because someone else is? One who is impatient is in a hurry.

In world terms, I am patient, yet I have no such thought in My head, and My heart has no patience or impatience either.

Do you ask if a boulder that has spent millenniums in the same spot is patient or some such? How would a boulder know impatience? A boulder does what boulders do. They do not know the concept of waiting or not waiting.

Boulders are in silence. Where can noise be in silence? Do not look for the finite in the Being God that I AM. You, beloveds, are to take on My characteristics. I am not to don yours. Do not look for the finite in Me.

When I speak of time, I speak in world terms. I am not into time as you think of time. I am in no hurry, nor am I slow. I am receiving you every minute. I am full of My love for you, and yet I have plenty of room for giving more. Of course, it is not even that I give love. I AM love. I can be nothing else. If you could see all the threads of life and how they wind in and around, all on a platform of Infinity, you would not know impatience either. You would not dream of it.

There is no haste, and there is no waste in Heaven. In a Heaven which is without boundaries, no one is bound. There is no time to be bound in. No space either, of course. So there is nothing to tie Me up in knots. Can you imagine? I can neither be tied or untied. I am unbounded and, therefore, free. Time is a boundary, and I have none.

In the world, time is a command. Time beats you back and forth. Time takes you by the neck and shakes you. You who can run out of time can’t get away from it. Time bites at your heels. It tells you you are going too fast or you are going too slow. The metronome of time ticks your life away. Your life is timeless, yet time doesn’t grasp that. Time grasps you and whips and prods you as though time is meant to be your holy master.

Time is something at stake for you. Being has nothing at stake. I AM and cannot ever not be. It is the same for you, yet you feel adrift. In this minute of Infinity, you are already on time. I see you ready to knock down the doors that you see separating Us. You are going to swing open the gates of Infinity and Eternity, and you will see not time or waste of time or any need for speeding up or taking your time, for here, there is no time to take, no time to do something in, no time to miss. There is simply Eternity and Infinity which are timeless, free, caring, loving, enjoying whatever happens to be up at this moment of Eternity.

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"I AM and cannot ever not be. It is the same for you,"

It may seem impossible to you to be endless and perhaps beginningless but many sacred teachers have taught that we are endless and have no beginning. Read Heaven Letters that deal with the divine moment or eternity"s melody of Life and eventually, when you stop trying, your "there" will become your "here" and to your suprise you'll discover the joy of waking into the REAL. I wish you joy.



Good morning All . Time is non existing! hard to imagine just now. Let us therefore thank God for all God has given us. Hey just imagine being at a party and there is no time to be home and you are enjoying it without end and not even feel drunk or tiredYou are allowed to hug everyone and surprise surprise you get hugged back. No gossip and lots of fun, well we have to wait a bit but I have been there and it is fantastic full of love so why worry. Lets all be happy and be full of anticipation for what God has in store for us. Enjoy !! ve to all Jack

George, Thank You, Sir!!

To Our Own George at Heavenletters, most Humble and most Majestic One...How DO you combine those two characteristics into one Being??

Please know that you are, and have been down through the years a most wondrous example and inspiration for so many of us here at Heavenletters.

In describing your messages, PROFOUND is an understatement...and...a Godly Art that you seem to have polished to a tee. Oh, that we could all have such grace, integrity, tact, and honesty to "realize" how God IS. God is JUST like you are!!

Others here at Heavenletters might not know this, but I have done a little "research" and discovered that it's not just us here that you have been a catalyst for Good, but there are lots....LOTS...LOTS... more you have "been there for", face-to-face throughout your most beautiful trip through our tenure "everyday living, in-your-face example". blessed were those ones!!

From the very bottom of my heart...thank you for the inspiration, the example and....all the FABULOUS good humor you have gallantly SHINED our way.

You are One in a Million...Love,

Yes, yes, yes, dear Bonnie I

Yes, yes, yes, dear Bonnie
I join you to say thank you to George for his lovely vigilance. George, you are a guardian of the Divine Flame.

George responds to beautiful comments

George is not humble or majestic but is indwelled by the ONE who is both humble and Majestic as a fragment of my mind as it gets nearer to HIM.

Yes HE is profound at times and surprises me with some of the thoughts that Heaven Letters stir in me, but it is HIM, not George. My fingers say a simple yes and HIS MAJESTY does the rest.

I have taught for many years in high school and college and published a book and some poetry but the work is simply the way HE works in my life. Yes I have pastored two large growing churches but it was HIM at work in my life.

Getting close to 90 my eyesight is failing from serious glaucoma and the stroke I had some years back limit me but God gave me my second wife five years after my first wife of 64 years made her Journey UPWARD in the clouds of Life.

Now I am preparing a JOYFUL heart to make that UPWARD path. It's nice to have your words to take with me. I love you all at HEAVEN LETTERS with a passion that comes from my deepest love; God HIMSELF. Thank you for your words Precious One.


This is a day of joy it

This is a day of joy it seems to me! Thank you all for your overtowering joyful words!
God bless YOU ALL!