The Fulcrum of Life

God said:

You have a tendency to regard yourself as a surface Human Being who must look out for himself. You aggrandize yourself on the surface of life. You think you are cleverer than you are or more beautiful or more popular. You do this at the same time as you denigrate yourself. Do you not frequently disappoint yourself? You disappoint yourself because you know your magnificence lies not in the eyes of the world. No matter how great your beauty, fame, career, they are not you, beloveds. The surface changes. Before your very eyes, the fleeting surface fleets. And how much do you care about them really? They are everything to you at the same time as your heart knows deeply they are nothing at all.

But that which is the magnificence of you never changes. It is always here within you. But you have hardly scratched the surface. You justify your actions and attributes. You find good reasons for them, and you dismiss the power of love. For the sake of what you call practicality, you give up your birthright. What is your birthright but magnificence? And what is your magnificence but the power to love?

For what do you give up your love? To what, to whom, and why? Of course, you feel you are aiding and abetting yourself when, all the while you are perjuring yourself. You perjure yourself when you befriend that which is less than the greatness that is your foundation and which is ever present within you, waiting for you to release it. But dormant love is only dormant. It is still love, and it waits for you to awaken it. Love is your Sleeping Beauty, and you are the Prince who awakens your love.

Choosing other than love is smallness. Choosing love is greatness. You have become accustomed to smallness. You have small thoughts you would rather not have. They twist your heart like a pen knife, yet you hold on to them. You do not wish everyone well. There are those acquaintances whom, in the tiniest crevasses of your heart, you wish ill to. You would take it as a victory when they get their comeuppance, as if they, pushed down, somehow raise you, and thereby make smallness correct.

When you come across these miserly thoughts, swiftly present them to Me. You will find you cannot. You will feel weakened. You will see perjury for what it is and be unable to present it in the Garden of Eden. In My eyes of truth, you are great, and weakness falters in My presence. Any pettiness is not the truth of you. It is aberration. It is like a crook in your neck. Drop off smallness, and your nerves will not be pinched.

Open up your hearts, beloveds, and let guilt out. You do not have to let love in because love is already full in your heart. Your heart is full of love. Admit you are love, and then you will not depart from it. Surrender to the love in your heart. Surrender your arrogance to love. Surrender your ignorance to love. Your heart knows more than all the knowledge in the world.

Your heart graduated summa cum laude long ago. Actually, it was born fully educated. It needed no schooling, no diploma. On Earth, it needed to be blessed and be the fulcrum of life that it is. Love is undeniable, but it has been denied. You have denied it. You merely checked the wrong box in a true-false test. Uncheck it now.