The Fiction of Time and Space

God said:

The time is now. There is no other time but now, yet there is no time at all. Time doesn't pass. You skip along in the now and think that time is passing. You are the passer in the passage you call time. You are a passerby of timelessness.

All the time in the world is eternity. And eternity is timeless. It is beyond the mirage of time that you so dearly cling to. Yet time seems just as real to you as the nonexistent space you find yourself in. Groundless is the ground under you.

If you recognized the illusoriness of time and space, you would be in another dimension. Or I might say you would be dimensionless. You would be where you are instead of slipping past it.

Sometimes you feel that you are getting nowhere. That is true enough. There is nowhere to go, so how can you get there?

What you call getting places or going nowhere is not based on reality but solely on your discernment. Mostly you discern fiction. You analyze it and measure it and plot it, at the expense of Reality.

You have been the fish swimming in a little pond when, all the while, right next to you, actually right within you, is an undiscovered ocean, so close to you that you don't see it. You are steeped in it but you look elsewhere. You are so occupied in the little pool that you give yourself time for little else. You give yourself little time. For, of course, timelessness is not little. It is vast. You fear timelessness is off the edge, and so you stay close to the concept of time.

If you slowed down, you'd note that you have more fictitious time. The more time you take, the more time you'd have. The more you rush, the more you make time little. If there were not the concept of time, rushing would not exist. There would be no story of the tortoise or the hare. There would be no speed, and there would be no haste to make waste.

As it is, you worship the gods of time and space perhaps more than the God of Love. Certainly you give great obeisance to time and space. You do give them your homage.

When you go on a vacation, you are trying to take a vacation from time and space. You are trying to get out of them. How bounded are time and space!

Man was made to stand erect. If man walked on his hands, he could not see Heaven. But you who stand are able to look up and see vastness and beyond. You behold the galaxies. The vastness of existence draws you to it. Vastness is an unseen magnet that pulls you. You are being pulled upward all the time.

Gravity in all its meanings exists only in density. There is no gravity in Heaven. There is only joy. Unboundedness is joy.

Of course you think you would become bereft without time and space.

At night, you lay your weary head down in a space called bed, and you close your eyes to time in sleep. In the blink of an eye, you lie down and you rise up.

You have all the time in the world. That is called eternity. You have all the space in the world. That is called spacelessness. The fictions called time and space can only exist in the same fantasy. They are dependent upon one another. They are the two ends of a seesaw, and you are the one who teeters on it.

Silence is more than absence of sound. Silence is a timeless place that you visit momentarily, mostly in passing, mostly on your hurrying way to somewhere else.

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Our choice of worship

"As it is, you worship the gods of time and space perhaps more than the God of Love."

It seems that certain phrases, like this one, sum up the whole of the Heavenletter messages and wrap them into one neat package with incredible power. We worship illusion and the rapt attention we pay to it blocks us from the awareness of Truth.

I am continually amazed by what I read here......Chuck

Beloved Chuck, I am

Beloved Chuck,

I am continually amazed too!

You would be where you are instead of slipping past it

Wonderful Heavenletter you found here, Chuck. There are many of this kind, and I'm always amazed at how unique each of them is. And how each of them imparts a particular impulse to your soul that makes it swing higher. I have noticed that sometimes when you read a particulat Heavenletter again after some time, it's as if you read it on a "higher octave". But the most amazing feature of a Heavenletter like this one and Heavenletters in general, for me at least, is in how free and freeing they are. It took me quite a while, for instance, to really grasp that God never calls anything wrong. Yes, He says, "You can do better", but that doesn't make anything I/we have done so far wrong. Wrong does not exist. Everything that went "before" is just stages leading up to where I am now. Nothing wrong with an acorn, even if it's dark inside.

God doesn't criticize our milling about in a little pond. He is so looking forward to our finding the ocean. How surprised, how happy we will be. He is rubbing His hands, smiling. He must be a really nice chap.