The Entire Universe

God said:

Where are you right at this moment as you read My words? In what room, what space? What are the colors in the place where you sit? From which direction did you enter? And what is your view from the window?

Do you sit comfortably, or can you not get quite comfortable? Do you move around or do you settle? Do you lean back or do you lean forward?

Is it silent where you are, or is there noise? Is the light bright or dim?

What if you turned everything around in the room? Would it really be changed? You are the person who enters the room, after all, and sits down or stands up to read what I say to you today. How much difference does the room make?

Whatever your answers to the above questions, it makes no difference. Whatever your immediate circumstances, nothing is changed. For wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I am right here with you, near you, beside you, within you. Right now I am most certainly in your thought.

This is My room you sit in. This is My space you occur in. And you are My thought. Right now or at any time. You have thought that everything occurs around you, but it is you who occurs.

You occurred to Me. I had the thought of you. And My thought descended to a place on earth with some kind of given name. Where My thought alit or the name of where it alit does not matter so much as My thought itself.

Your surroundings are nothing but surroundings. You are more prime than the surroundings, and yet the surroundings are Mine too.

Tell Me, would your life somehow be different if you knew that all was Mine, not only that you are Mine, but that everyone and everything else around you is also Mine? Would it ease you a little to know that you own nothing but are a welcomed visitor everywhere? Would it help you to know that your natural habitat is everywhere I am? And I am everywhere.

Everything on earth, you have borrowed for a while. And I have given it all to you freely and abundantly. Nothing belongs to you, yet if it belongs to Me, I have given it to you for your use and pleasure, so all is yours. Everything of Mine is in your care. The whole world and everything and everyone in it is in your care, as you are in the care of all others. That is how the world is shared.

Share means care. My children are not isolated side by side on earth. You are united on earth. The world goes up and down with you. Your moods affect the world and all those who reside in it along with you. Further, you affect all those who come after you, and you have affected all those in the seeming before.

You motivate the earth. One way or another, you motivate it. Wait no longer for the earth to move you. You are the carer and carrier of the world.

The earth is your domain. You are not the ruler of it, but you are its proprietor, for I have given it to you. The earth bears your name. You are the discoverer of it, and you share your discovery. You are the revealer of the world, and you reveal what you see. You are settler of the world, and so you settle it down and comfort it. The earth does not exist apart from you. Give good care to your portion of the world, for all of the world is yours. No location exists separate from another.

As a matter of fact, your realm extends beyond the earth and the world as you know it. You are the upholder of the entire universe. I gave you as My blessing upon it.

Now you know.

It is important that you remember that desire is different from need, for then you will remember that you are not more with a desire fulfilled than you are less with a desire unfulfilled. Remind yourself that there is nothing you need. You don't need approval. You don't need certain people. You have everything you need because I have given it to you. There is nothing you need. If you think you need, you become needy.

Remember that I have given you everything that you require. I have given you more than you require. I have given you everything. You have the key.