Something Wonderful Today

God said:

All it takes for something wonderful to happen today is for you to open your eyes. Your eyes have been closed, or you just have not been looking. Or you may have been looking for the pitfalls, and so they popped up. You may have been alert to pain, trouble, sorrow, inconvenience, obstacles. Be alert today instead to beauty, love, joy, peace, and merriment.

What is the tone you set for the day today? What kind of day do you truly want? Maybe you like to have troubled days. Maybe they prove you predict well. Maybe you like being the star of a tragedy. Maybe you like the attention a hard day calls to you. Maybe difficult is a habit you acquired from early on, and you don't know better than to keep crossing it as a bridge from one day to the next.

But days do not need bridges. Today can be all new. You are the decider of today. You can have an old one or a new one.

This does not mean that you control the day. You do not demand it to be a certain way. You do not expect obedience to your will. The day does not have to live up to your expectations. And yet, nevertheless, you usher in the day.

How you meet with what appears in your day will change the course of it. You can turn frowns into smiles. Of course, you can. You have turned smiles into frowns. You know you have, so why not the reverse? Why not make today something else?

It has often been said that you attract the day to you that comes. Yes and no. In one sense, you are responsible for all the events that occur, but in another sense, you are responsible only for what you make of them.

The day exists in your thoughts. And today you are setting up tomorrow's thoughts.

There are different angles of perception. Just as physical views change according to your position, so does the angle of your day.

You definitely do invite your day by your perception of it.

If today, even if only for today, My children could consider this day a great celebration, what would happen? The color of the day would change. The name of the holiday has not been announced yet, but everyone knows it is a special day, a special day granted from above. With what alacrity you would greet a special holiday. Not as a day off, but as a day on. Everyone goes to work, but they build a new fiber to the day. They go to work the same but not the same, for they go to work with a lighter step, and so their day is lighter.

Set the tone for your world today. Take whichever note you choose, and play it. That is what you do anyway. Only today perhaps you will choose a higher note and fling it to the universe. Be a lassoer of joy today. Give joy out and bring it in all in the same motion.

Nothing new has to happen today for it to be new. Sit in the same seat. Drive the same car. Kiss the same wife. Lift up the same children. Step over the same steps. And declare a new day. Be new today. Start afresh.

Spring to your day.

You were sent to make it wonderful.

Now, after all this, I must tell you, your day is not for you alone. It can never be for you alone. It is for Me. Pour joy upon it for Me. If you are too sad today to be happy, then, in My Name, assign your allotted happiness to someone else.