The Drum of Time Beats

God said:

A sense of time gets you mixed up. You receive contrary messages. Haste makes waste. True enough. And slow but steady wins the race. True enough. But there are also other messages conveyed:
He who hesitates is lost. Strike while the iron is hot. Get going. Let’s get the show on the road.
So much of the frazzle in the world comes from the urgency of time.
What would it be like if you did not have to battle with time? Time is hard to please. Hurry hurry. Slow down, slow down. Stay within the speed limit. You’re running out of time.
There is the concept of cause and effect, that one thing is a consequence of another. This certainly seems so on Earth. Drop a cup, and a cup breaks. Human life is overwhelmed with concepts of time, fast and slow. Thoughtless, thoughtful. Careful, careless. The drum of time beats. Cuckoo clocks do their thing, and even alarm clocks were invented. Time marches on and drags you with it and often trips you up. It is not easy to be so obedient to time.
Beat the clock. Life seems to be by the clock. Turn the clocks back. Turn the clocks ahead. Time fosters illusion while it gets you out of breath.
A day off is a wonderful thing, and sometimes it gives you an experience of timelessness. No pressure. Wouldn’t timelessness be nice?
As it is, there are deadlines. As it is, time pounces on you like a leopard. As it is, time pressure raises your blood pressure, and you don’t know how to reach equanimity, or, if once you do, you don’t know how to keep it with you.
Is time energy? Certainly, time saps your energy.
How lovely it would be to get off the time track. Not have to catch a plane or train or bus. Not to have schedules. No having to be on time or out of time. No appointments that run your life. No being ahead or behind, for time and space are variations that rule you. How you would love to be free, yet there are time constraints that have their way with you.
Imagine Eternity. No time. No time schedules. No calendars. No tick-tocks. No being on time or early or late. No waiting rooms. No appropriate times. No clocks ticking. No bells knelling the time. Perfect freedom.
You might be lost without time to get lost in. You might miss that whip cracking over you. You might get nervous living without time’s directions. Getting up when you want. Going to bed when you want. Eat when you’re hungry. Of course, you would still have dishes to wash in a timely fashion.
In the world at large, it would be a fantasy to be without time. Time has been a hanger-on for a long while. Time really has you where it wants you.
Imagine, spending one day of your life at the beach without a sense of when you ought to leave. I say you ought to stay until you want to leave. Maybe you want to spend one night at the beach. Be lulled by the surf. Oh, yes, but even the ocean whose beach you lie on has tides. Even the Ocean is regulated. Hut, hut, says the army.
What would you be if you were not harking to time as it is known in the world? You further wonder what you would amount to if you didn’t adhere to time.
Without ever-hastening time harrying you, you might find the Truth of you, that you are a Timeless Being, and there are no time warps. All of Eternity is one moment, and the one moment, that one division of  time, exists now. Despite the rules of the world, there is no time to run out of. There is Eternal Eternity, and it is yours right now.

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You/Me/We are in Truth Time Less Beings. Bright Lights and Super Stars a piece of it All, I AM Light, therefore, You/Me/We are Light. Let Me lovingly blast through all the seeming density to enlighten Us. I see the Innocence and I honor the Truth of Life's Innocence and since you are part of Life how could you not be Innocent too? Loving Me is Loving You. Within the Temple of Heaven's House I Do Take You/Me/We to Be My Holy Eternal Spouse. I Promise always in all ways to Be True, Self Love, Self Honor You/Me/We are Due. I always keep My Promises. Next time you fall down, come and get Me and I will Lovingly and Gently return you to Your Destiny which is Knowing Me and the Love We Be. Separation has NOW gone out of fashion. Perception is brought into alignment with Truth. Just relax into this Knowing by focusing on Your Holy Breath in the Eternal Now Moment. I Love You Heaven Letter.