The Carpet of Life

God said:

When you know that you already are My beloved, just as you are, what would you strain for? What would be your haste? What would you have to conquer, and what would you have to amass?

You might get to the same place as you get to now, but, oh, the difference in your walk.

You would amble along the road of life, whistling a tune. You would feel no urgency. You would feel ease. You would somersault through life. Whatever appeared before you, it would welcome you, and you it.

Your same life would be quite different because of your sure knowledge of My love. Everything the same except for how you view it.

You would come from a place of strength. There would be no pitfalls before you because you would take them in your stride.

You would see love beckoning you everywhere.

You would be love walking through love. What difference would it make where you walked.

What would there be to get through. Not one day would there be to get through. Certainly not your life to get through.

Rather your life would be to savor. Rather to taste. Rather to pat it on its head as you walk along.

There is a flow of life that you see as days and years, but it is one sun-up, and it is one exquisite unrolling of the carpet of your life.

What a design this carpet is made of! What intricacy! What weaving of the threads! All the colors embroidered into a tapestry spread out for you to walk on.

You are married to life. You have pledged your troth to it. You honor it and you treasure it, for life is your promise, and you keep your promises.

Wedded to life, you are free to embrace it. You are free to make it your own, like a cake. All the ingredients are there for you. What kind do you choose to make? What colors? What arrangements? What surprises inside? How tall? How many layers? What the circumference? What the weight? How creamy? How marbled? A cake never created before like this one?

But consider your life a carpet unrolling. Your hand-made one-of-a-kind carpet of life is beautiful. How can you say it is not?

The carpet will be beautiful no matter the weave of the threads.

The carpet continues to weave itself.

The carpet you lay out is the carpet you walk on. You are the one who rolls out the carpet, and you are the one who walks on it.

There is no other like it. Many-directioned are the threads of your carpet. Threaded back and forth and every which way, every direction is yet integral to the carpet of your life.

This carpet is made of strong wool. It is secured. Nothing can tear it. Nothing can destroy it.

It is a foolish expression that says a life is ruined. It is still your carpet intact. It is your carpet just the same, and you keep unrolling it.

Lean back on this carpet of your life. Lie on your back and look up at the stars beating their light down on you.

This carpet that you spread your life out on is not you, however.

You are inviolable and untreadable. You are sacrosanct.

Be amazed at the wonder of your carpet and how all the threads unite into a beautiful demonstration of this unfoldment of life on great Earth.

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One beautiful carpet

So here we have it. The same events in life, no changes at all, but we are different. We react differently out of a new awareness. The same events, but a whole new and much more joyful experience, all from a greater awareness, from being guided to remember.

Wow, how the right key easily unlocks the door!.........Chuck