The Bus to Eternity

God said:

The fat is in the fire. Your life has started, and it is continuing. Your life started as it started. It started where it did. It started when it did. It started in one family and not another. Your early life was the way it was and not another.

And now your life starts anew. At every moment, your life starts anew.

You may be attached to your beginnings and the sequences of events, and yet I must tell you that you are not beholden to them. The past was a configuration then. You can have a new configuration now. In fact, you must step out of the past and leave it behind you. The past has past. Now you can make life as you desire. Choose the radius of your life. Design it now.

No matter what your past, today is a starting-off point.

Whatever your havoc, you can drop it off now. Whatever your griefs, you can leave them behind. You had the suffering. You don't have to relive it. You do not have to live up to it or down to it. You are not tied to it. You can let go of it. You can choose to.

The love and happiness from the past that have crumbled have often turned into sadness. You can not really hold on to the happinesses of the past try as you may. Earth mothers and fathers do not stay to nurture you forever. Brothers and sisters move away. Beautiful bodies age. Life moves fast, and there are changes right before your eyes.

And so, beloveds, treat the past, pleasant or painful, the same. The past is all a day that has passed. Today is a new day. I would like it to be a sunny day for you. Why not a sunny day? The past does not have to linger. The past is not meant to be a cloud over you nor an umbrella nor is it to be wonderfulness that leaves you longing for it.

Once you had a fabulous patent leather coat. You don't even know where it went, and yet you cling to memories of that beautiful patent leather coat.

Turn now to make new memories that you will also have to let go of. The past is no more. On Earth, the present is but a fleeting moment. Grab it before it is gone. Grab today before it is gone. Grab it, but don't hold it tight. Catch the bus to Eternity, beloveds. Catch the bus that is going in the direction you want to go. Take a new bus, and see where it takes you.

The bus has a sign on it. Take the one that says This Moment. In smaller print, you will see This Bus to Eternity.

And if the bus you ride on doesn't take you to Eternity, never mind. There is another bus tomorrow.

You have to take a chance. Going the way you went before is also taking a chance, and the odds are not in your favor.

Take a new turn. Put your foot in a new place, and then pivot. Lift your foot, and set it down somewhere it has never been before. That is what is happening anyway, beloveds. The Earth is spinning, and the sun appears to move with it. Nothing stays in the same place. The kaleidoscope of life keeps turning.

You cannot keep going through the same revolving door and get anywhere. I think I've made My point.

Face forward, and greet life with your two arms opened wide. Life, like a beautiful bird, will fly to you in all its brilliant color.

Come, fly away with Me.

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Going through the same revolving door - and going nowhere

Dearest Gloria - you have no idea how much I needed to hear those words today.

Bless you


Wings are real

Are they not, what we call "our lives" ( jobs, relationships, holiday, money etc.) always an aimless rotation around a fixed and illusory pivot? To acknowledge this, should be enough to leave behind all we do not like. I never get up early on a chilly day, I am not a mechanical device like those fake birds on clocks.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said My point is
Make life as you desire
Make new memories

Love, Light and Aloha!