The Beauty Within

God said:

Nothing is forgotten. Everything is remembered. Everything you live, you have lived before. It is not new to you. You are reliving it. Parts of the past have been covered up, hidden, put out of sight, forbidden, unacknowledged, most especially to yourself. It is as if Light were something that would endanger you, and, so, you protect yourself from your very Presence.

Of course, brought into the Light, this cover-up will scatter to the winds and be gone, yet there seems to be a mechanism hovering within you tells you that you would do better keep this awareness from the Light.

Revealing hidden terrains and getting past them would indeed free you.

Better to see what is holding you back. Then you can face up to it, shoo away what blocks you, and rise uncluttered. Face up to what ails you, and then you are free to start over in freedom. Every day you can start over.

Odds are that you do carry unnecessary baggage. The baggage of the past slows you down. It trips you up. By ignoring the past, you may like to think you have written it out of your life, yet you repeat yourself, again and again. You refuse to let go of the Voice of the Past that haunts you.

Something may have seemed so awful you couldn't look at it then, and you don't want to look at it now. You fear it would be too much for you, so you collect unwanted emotion and push it down. As you ignore deep feelings, they build their muscle. To the detriment of your joy in life, the Past has made you at its mercy.

The Truth is that, despite your withholding, there is nothing that you are to hold back from yourself.

Come, let's take a walk together. Un-tether yourself from this secluded past. The past has gone, yet you may have submerged yourself in it for the sake of attachment to what once was. It is attachment that holds your heart back.

Farewell to attachment to the past. Now you are free. Loose the chains that bind you. Come out from hiding, and you will soar. You will fly high and wide. You who are Vastness will allow your Vastness to rise. You will burst through the inculcated past. No more cut-offs. No more retreating from the Richness of Life.

Abandon old images. You find yourself instead. You find freedom. Your destiny is freedom.

Freedom relaxes tension. Tension is another name for being at cross-purposes with yourself. Now, come out of a shell you may have surrounded yourself with. Awaken to the Beauty Within. You explore and expand your awareness. This is your awakening. The past consists of ashes. Throw off the cloak of the past. No longer are you to represent old pictures. Those old pictures are not who you are. They never were. They were fostered, and now you free yourself to let go of these Winds from Yesteryear.

Unwind from the past.

Have a new picture of yourself.

Claim your worthiness. It is yours.

You never lacked worthiness. Others in the past perhaps sold you on a picture of unworthiness. Old opinions others mis-held reflected themselves. They did not reflect you. You bought them, however. It is your own thoughts now that oppress you. Step out of old clothes. Fear of revelation has held you back. Beloved, you are a Rising Star.

You are Shining Brightness. You can be nothing else. Arise to your True Presence. Arise from the shackles of the past. Be true to yourself. Follow Me. Dare to walk on air. You are meant to fly high.

Say hello to yourself and good-by to the past. Come to Me now. Hold My hand, for now We ascend.

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Hello to Unity

"No longer are you to represent old pictures. Those old pictures are not who you are. They never were. They were fostered, and now you free yourself to let go of these Winds from Yesteryear." I love this! I choose to no longer re present old pictures. How liberated and safe Sweet Innocence "IS" when I say hello to myself and good-by to the past. I joyfully hold the hand of the Divine in the eternal Now moment and We ascend with gratitude and appreciation.