The Beat of Your Heart

God said:

A heart can be partially open. Love can seep out. With a heart fully opened, love pours out in copious streams. All the love is in your heart. The only thing is that it is in great reserve. Your task in this lifetime is to open your heart and keep opening it. Remember your heart is connected to Mine. The opening in your heart must be very wide indeed to let My love emanate full force from your heart.

Imagine a flood of love. Imagine all the debris it will wash away. What could possibly withstand the love from a heart as wide open as your heart is about to become? What is there that will not be knocked over and turned right side up? An avalanche of love is coming to wash away all tears, all grief, all greed, all of the unnecessities that have made up the world as it has been observed.

Imagine, when all cheeks have turned, when all are brothers and each brother is on the look-out for the other, when there is no other, when there is One Self enjoying Itself, beating out a tune that is irresistible, when love is deployed on the Earth, when all this is, no one will know what a bomb is. No one will waste his time on such an absurdity. Why would he? What purpose could it possibly serve? Imagine all arsenals of hurt turning to arsenals of joy.

What guard would guard what? What policeman would police what? What would there be to steal, and who would steal it? Time and space would be stolen away. They would be stolen away as in the stories of old when a baby was kidnapped and another child left in his place. Time and space would be supplanted by love. Love would be King. Time and space would serve rather than occupy. Space would be outdistanced by love. The hold time has on the world would be blown to smithereens. Time would explode into love. There would be no place, no thing, no life that wasn’t fully promulgated love.

Can you feel the excitement? Do not think that a world made up and noted solely as love would be dull. It would be the most exciting enterprise you ever engaged in. Think of it. Love universal. Love yodeled from mountain tops. There would be one home, and everyone would live in it. All would be Kings, but none a master, except master of love.

Everyone would own every street, but of course there would be no owning. Banks would be self-serve. Actually, love would become the coin of the land. There would be enough for all, and all would give enough, and love would be perfectly balanced at the end of the work day.

Work? Everyone would do what they love to do. The word work would fade from the dictionaries. There would be no use for work. It would have evolved to joy.

Love would be the fashion of the day. Every garment would be made with love in mind. All love would be a one-size-fits-all. Everyone would be a model of love. Love would stretch across the world like a halo. There would be a rainbow of love encircling the globe and further -- the entire universe. Everyone would be One. And Heaven and Earth would be One. This is the destiny I have set forth. Love takes all. There would be nothing else to take. Illusion would have left with time a long time ago, and space occupied by the beat of your heart.