The Bank of Love

God said:

The only thing you need in your life is more love. You have more love to give, only you don’t really understand this, understand what this means.

You cannot manufacture love, yet you can give it. You can give it to yourself. It would be good for you to love yourself more. Love your Being more. Love your personality as well, and yet know that personality is a fleeting thing, often associated with ego. Concerning your True Being, there is no ego involved. As you love Me, you love your True Being.

Your True Being isn’t concerned with image. Image is concerned with ego. Yet if you can love other people’s personalities, why not love your own? You can keep your personality in place, and yet you can behold it with love.

What a singular thing to be a True Being housed secretly in the human aspects of your given name. What a parade. What a charade.

Getting back to love, how do you give more even when your heart feels parched? How do you feel more love? Remember it. Remember love. Come back to love. When you feel more love, you will naturally breathe out more love. Is there a greater joy than love? I cannot think of one.

And every day you have occasion for love. Your love does not have to be humongous love. It can be simple toned-down love. It can be awareness of love. What does it feel like to love? The passageways of your heart are cleared. You send out love without a big to-do. It is an easy-going thing to give out more love.

It is not that you psych yourself up to love. It is that you focus more on love than you focus on the matters you have been focusing on. Worries, for example.

Look, when you want to have more money, it’s unwise to focus on lack of money. When you want to radiate more love, it’s unwise to focus on perceived lack of love. The only thing you truly have to give is love. Acts of love may or may not be backed by the Bank of Love. Acts of love have their merit. An active flowing heart of love merits more. When it comes to love, it doesn’t matter how you box it and wrap it. It matters the love itself.

Love is energy, beloveds. Your True Nature is love. The love I filled your heart with cannot be overlooked forever. Instead of knuckling down to love, just idly paddle love as you would a canoe. If you are making your life a movie of love, you will not make an epic movie of love. It will be a low-key movie. It might even be a silent movie.

Let love be known to you. You do not have to profess love. Be present in love. Sink into the cushions of love. Lean back, recline, know that you are love and that you have love to give. You do want to give love, don’t you?

Give love from your heart. Be telepathic with love. Let your love go everywhere. Let the love in your heart emanate from there. Let love be your password to life. Let love be the path you walk on. Go arm and arm with love. Rather than profess love, allow your God-given love to be. You are not shooting your love out. There is no need for a barrage of love. There is just need for love to flow as naturally as you breathe.

Love is good. You are love. You are good. Love is the epitome of your life. Be a hot-cross bun of love. Be a provider of love on the corner. People will find you there. You don’t need a big sign. Casual encounters with love will do. Easy does it.

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I know and thank your magic love!

Thank you very much,because I worried you're not satisfied with me that many people need my help,in China these kind of things are hard to solve and I worried you'll love me more and more little,thank you very much!

May you be your own blessing...

May you be your own blessing...
Thank You
I Love You