The Apples of God's Tree

God said:

So close are We that you could reach out your hand and touch Me, that is, if I were physical as you are physical. That I am Pure Being and not physical makes it easier for you to reach Me, and I to reach you. Actually, as it is, we are permeable. In fact, it cannot be said that We reach when We are actually One. Where does One reach to? How do you reach where you already are? There is no span to cross.

And yet We reach. We reach with Our hearts. We touch with Our hearts. We love. The more We love, the closer We feel. Love enough, and Oneness is all, and, yet, love is not from the Will, and, yet, love can be willed.

If I am the tree, you are the branches of My tree. If you are My apples, I am your Tree.

Our Oneness expresses itself in various ways. Nevertheless, Our connection is inviolable. One with many aspects is still One. You are My One all right.

I extend Myself to Myself, and that is My joy. We are Our joy. We can say whatever We wish to say, yet Oneness is Oneness.

We come back to Oneness which We have never left. How can One return to where He has never left? How can One be absent from Oneness when Oneness is All and all that is?

So, then, what can happen in the world of happenings? Nothing at all.

Oneness utters a sound, and a tale spins. A tale stretches across the Universe, a babble of words, a babble of sounds. A sound is a sound, and tale is a tale, and so We are spun across the Universe.

Birds sing, and what are birds, and what does their song sing?

Someone drives a car, follows a route, or takes a detour, and what is the difference and what is the meaning, if anything?

Multiplicity is not more than Oneness. Multiplicity is the tale spun. Suspense builds, and Being participates in life and so wakes up to Oneness. Oneness is all that is to wake up to.

Oneness knows not fraughtness. Personalities, the characters in the story told, the tale spun, the leaves from God's tree, know fraughtness. They know how to weave a story. They know how to create it, how to play with it, and how to escape from it perhaps only to pick it up again later. Personalities know confusion, and know how to trade stock in it. Personalities take stock of confusion and pick it up everywhere and collect it. Personalities get bees in their bonnets.

The Self loves. The One Self laughs and loves. Being is incipient love. Being is love gathering itself. It is love before it streams. It is fullness of love ready to pour.

What a blessed Being I AM to come to Earth in so many ways and to play all the parts all at once. And, yet, I watch Myself in action - the seeming you in action - and many may think I am far away in the sky when I am the Closest of the Close.

So what do We talk about anyway, and who and what is it for?

I think We are for love. That's what We are on Earth for.

Let Us specialize in love. It is easy. All We have to do is to undo whatever it may be that keeps Us from loving outright. We leave the past. We leave it where it lies. We don't bury it. We let the past fade in the dust, and We emerge new, and We love some more.

There is nothing to come closer to than love, and love is Oneness, and We, seemingly expressed as you and as Me, are love. Who would ever want to be anything else?

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What a blessed Being I AM to

What a blessed Being I AM to come to Earth in so many ways and to play all the parts all at once. And, yet, I watch Myself in action - the seeming you in action - and many may think I am far away in the sky when I am the Closest of the Close. that goes together with this: "Even in a car or on a plane, I am the Captain. I set the tone. I am Your Steward of the Universe. Wherever I am, it is the Universe I am taking care of. I am the Pilot, and I am the one who telegraphs messages. I am never on a war ship. I am on a cruise regardless of what vessel I steer." HL 3333 God Your Messages are so so sweet and full of fun for us to learn easily all the lessons here on this planet earth.

Nirmala, it's easy for your to say this but...

Nirmal, you and I know that what you said comes for a participating consciousness that is fully in charge of the rudder of your ship. You wear the consciousness cap of the Owner of the ship who knows where it's headed. You beautiful thing, you.


Beloved George, it's

Beloved George, it's interesting that you used the expression "rudder of your ship" here today.

Two Heavenletters came this morning, and the second one says:

Steady steady is the rudder of life.

But life is filled with such coincidences!

"...what is the difference and what is the meaning, if anything?

If happenings have no meaning, and if nothing "really" happens in the world of happenings, then what is the world for? Did the world end the instant it was created?

What has no beginning cannot really end. But the seeming world had a beginning. So it must have an end. But the only way the world can end is in an illusion, as it began.

The Universe appeared (seemingly) real only because we thought separation could create a new reality, a new truth, an individual truth. But if there is only one Truth, an eternal One, then the Universe is also an illusion, as well as the individual. That is why nothing happened, nothing is happening and nothing will ever happen. That is why also the relative world and its content of forms, bodies is meaningless as well as what seems to happen between those interacting forms and bodies.

So we might ask ourself: does the Universe have a purpose? We should say that the Universe has a temporary purpose. Since it was created to experience separateness, it was at the same time created as a means to return to Oneness. Since separateness is based on fear and guilt, then the Universe must offer us the illusion of letting go of the past (which does not exist) and consequently letting go of the future (which also does not exist), which is equivalent to the illusion of forgiveness.

We say "illusion of forgiveness" because in Heaven, there is no need for forgiveness. That is where we find the temporary purpose of the world. Until letting go of time and space as well as forgiveness is complete, the world does have a purpose. We could say that the world becomes the home in which letting go and forgiveness are born, are growing, growing stronger and encompassing all.

The world ends when our consciousness returns to God.

To perceive the meaninglessness of the world is going beyond the sense of pain and sacrifice. Love is beyond time, space and forgiveness. Love is easy when we become fully aware that the world is meaningless through the lens of multiplicity. That is what the Great Ones kept repeating. Shall we hear?

Without the illusion there

Without the illusion there could be no enlightenment.

Precisely, dear Sally!

Precisely, dear Sally! Enlightenment is the necessary end result of the experience of separation. And it must be an enrichment to the experience of those who never separated! Angels don't understand what enlightenment is about. We will be able to inform them...

I learned from Effendi at

I learned from Effendi at the Sufi House that human beings are higher than angels because we have free will and choices to make whereas angels have no mistakes to make! Something like that. Nice to think of human beings being so valued and respected.

Normand, I am amazed at what you write and Sally for grasping it.

A writer says: "What is man that Thou are mindful of him"..."

The writer of old goes on to say: "Thou has made him a little lower than Elohime and crowned him with glory and honor.
The discussion of What is man is settled by our inner feeling of who and what we are. Heaven letters teaches us what God thinks about us. Read very carefully what the letters tell us about ourselves.



-Read very carefully what the letters tell us about ourselves.- George so good, you said it two times.

Normand's words feed us good things:

Norman, I would challenge your remark: "The world ends when our consciousness returns to God." It is my earnest conviction that our consciousness is God. It is difficult for me to envision God returning to God to bring and end to what has never really existed. Just my thought which probably didn't happen at all.


Dear George, thanks for

Dear George, thanks for giving me, through your comment, the opportunity to clarify my thoughts on consciousness.

I think this is the whole idea of experiencing God through the illusion of separation. Planet Earth is one of the very few ones (if not the only one) where there exists free will (cf. Gloria's comment). So, yes, as you said it perfectly, "it is difficult to envision God returning to God to bring an end to what has never really existed". Yet, paradoxically, it is the unicity of human experience to return to where we never left from. That is why enlightenment or consciousness cannot exist without the experience of illusion.

In that sense, all the words we try to use (so imperfectly) to express the inexpressible Reality are only symbols pointing to that Reality. Words are definitions and definitions are made according to perceptions and levels of perception. Separation did introduce degrees, aspects and intervals by splitting our mind apart. But spirit has no levels. And we notice that, on a human level, it is always on the concept of levels that conflicts happen between humans.

In that sense also, consciousness (?=awareness) is a level of perception. We could almost say that consciousness was the first split manifested in the mind after separation. This split in our mind made us perceivers instead of creators. In that sense, consciousness pertains to the domain of the ego. It is like when you wake up from a dream and you suddenly realize that it was a dream. It never really existed.

But in Heaven, there are no dreams to wake up from. So there is no need for consciousness, enlightenment, forgiveness, salvation, etc. Consciousness is like remedies on Earth. When you are healed, you don't need them anymore. You don't need the lessons anymore. In that sense, the relative world was the experience of an illusion and, at the same time, consciousness was the remedy to heal that illusion of the mind.

But the global effect of that human experience through a delusive, imagined world of forms is a GROWTH in the Soul of the ever expanding God's Creation. Losing the memory of God, losing seemingly His love, then, through consciousness or awareness, remembering God and rediscovering His Love brings a big plus to the Living Creation.




"WOW" should be the last word.


"Being participates in life and so wakes up to Oneness"

"Being participates in life and so wakes up to Oneness."
Oneness, love, being, expression are terms that come to life in our consciousness as we invite them. By reading Heaven Letters we learn to adjust our thinking to receive the good news of who we are.


By reading Heaven Letters

-By reading Heaven Letters we learn to adjust our thinking to receive the good news of who we are.- this is what is keeping me going....

Last Hl

This H.L. really made me feel good Knowing we are so close and actually One Love to all Jack

Jack, I think you always

Jack, I think you always knew!

Absolutely positively the

Absolutely positively the most beautiful words. Thank you so much.