That Which Uplifts the World

God said:

A cloudy day is a cloudy day. It is better to not read great significance into it. Cloudy days come and go. There are more days that are sunny. From a cloudy day, a bright day will arise. When you think of the cloudy days, you will feel glum. When you think of the bright days, you will feel sunny.

Your disposition depends upon what you think about.

Favor the sunny days. Let go of the clouds.

There is grievance in the world. There is trouble. There is unhappiness. There is crime. But to think of grievance, trouble, and unhappiness is its own crime. To let the untoward usurp the goodness, gentleness, and happiness in the world is a crime. It is certainly putting the wrong foot forward.

Nudge your thoughts to the greatness of humanity that also exists. Good stories are made from all the friction and tension that man has conceived of. A good life, however, is made from all the thoughts that support a good life. Can this be said more simply? Stop thinking about the ills of the world. Think of that which uplifts the world. Be generous with your thoughts of the world. Desire goodness, and let your thoughts contribute to it.

There are houses that have been built poorly. When you are going to build a house, you wouldn’t think about poorly-made houses when you can think of well-made ones? There are cakes that didn’t come out right. When you are going to bake a cake, you would think about cakes that were successes. It is obvious what is in your own best interest to think of.

Yet why do My children persist in thinking about the worst of the world rather than the best? Is the best not also here? What you think about, you multiply. Think of what you want to multiply and let go of the rest. You do not need to build artifices to the upheaval in the world. You do not need to inform the world of its faults. Better to build temples to the peace in the world. Better to inform the world of its blessings and its ability to bless. Reveal the friendliness of the world and let go of the hostility. Certainly do not feed it. Give your attention to that which you want. Is that really so hard?

You have had attention enough on the ills of the world. You have fed them well. Now pay tribute to the health and goodness of the world. Your thoughts will be like rose petals. Your thoughts will be like a river stream. The river stream does not pay attention to the flotsam. It pays attention to where it is going. It just keeps going along. It does not divert from its path. In peace or in war, the river stream goes forward and is not diverted from its purpose.

Let your mind be a river stream. Carry treasures to safety, and leave the rest alone. The river does not put forth effort to destroy the jetsam. It puts forth its intention to carrying steamboats to safety.

The world is your baby. Pay attention to how you carry it. Pay attention to what you feed it. Nourish the world with your thoughts. Your attention is powerful, and the world deserves your positive attention. Give generously of it. From this moment forward, give your love to the world. It has had enough of criticism. It already knows its imperfections. Now point out to the world its good points. Give the world a good hug and kiss. Help the world to smile on all.

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3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said think of that
Give your attention to that
Which you really want

God said a good life
Is made from all the good thoughts
In your best interest

God said build the peace
Inform the world of blessings
Which uplifts the world

Love, Light and Aloha!

Glorious Gloria, Is it

Glorious Gloria,

Is it really that simple, can the negative things just fall off in due time to make way for the good, are we to just ride the wave in its ups and downs and know that life will keep going whether we think good or bad and all we have to do is think positive, in the midst of life's trials.
Are we to trust that it'sall for the good and we need not think negatively anymore no matter what comes our way, is it really that simple. But, what happens to our emotions, are we to become numb to all the bad and just feel the good. I wish i could trust enough to let go of it all, good and bad.

As always, much love and happiness

We're all working on this,

We're all working on this, beloved Smileys.

I think, my friend, that we don't have to be concerned with what happens to our emotions when we become enlightened! Let's become enlightened first, and then we won't worry about anything.

I imagine that we still have emotions, but see them for what they really are. They won't play havoc with us.

God has said that love is not an emotion.

Maybe we have overvalued emotions. Heart, now that is a different thing!

Love you, Bloomers.


This is a lesson I learned

This is a lesson I learned earlier on, by reading David Spangler's "Revelation - The Birth of a New Age". I realized how important it was to focus (give energy) on the good things in life rather then bad ones because, by focusing on the bad ones, one supported them actually by giving them energy. It stands to reason then, to focus the thoughts in the direction that leads to beauty, harmony, love, peace, health.........the good things in life. It doesn't mean to close the eyes of what occurs in the world around us, nor the world at large but, to rederect the thoughts the moment one becomes aware of what is 'happening out there'. One excercise my husband and I learned at a workshop, was to be aware of the words we use in our common language (i.e.'pain in the neck', 'I hate...', I'll die for...','this is killing me'..........) and to replace them by positives (i.e. 'easy', 'love','I'd love', 'perfection'.....) every time they came to mind or someone else uttered them. It really helped to switch our thinking and the reality around us!

I love the analogy of the river stream! This is a great Heavenletter, thank you!

A most beautiful

A most beautiful Heavenletter indeed !!! And a most beautiful posting dear Xenia. In fact as you say, what we think of, there goes our energy. If our thoughts are in the positive, trying to see the hidden gift, the hidden message for us, then our energy goes to the positive. We appreciate and stay in vibrations of gratitude.
Our thoughts and feelings are of immense power, everything we think, feel and say come into creation at certain levels / dimensions. We are constantly creating ourselves and our world, CONSTANTLY, so we'd better make clear to ourselves what's our truth about the experiences we make and we have called forth.
Often people or circumstances which could seem anoying, stressing or what ever, are a good chance to make a reality check and see where we are. Let's really move into gratitude and create the best we can think of for ourselves and the world, for we are one.

Love and blessings and a BIG HUG to you dear Xenia

We are all spiritual beings

We are all spiritual beings though some try to deny themselves - We do not follow goals, we make them. We are powerful spirits, but only as big as we can cause things to happen. When we set goals/targets and obtain them we are then most rewarded. And we only obtain those things on which we put our attention. So by all means, do not deny what is, but put attention on what is going well in the world and on what you are doing right.

Try it, you will like it! - Wm