Thank God

God said:

Thank Me for everything. Thank Me for the rain. Thank Me for the sun. Thank Me for you. It is I you have to thank for everything, and I mean everything, everything under the sun, and everything beyond the sun. Thank Me for Me. You cannot thank Me enough. At the same time, I do not need your thanks, yet saying Thank You to Me enlivens certain centers within you, and you want them enlivened. Of course you do.

Thanking Me is a beautiful thing. The more you thank, the more aware of Me you are. The stronger the bond, the more open the connection. You do accept that We are connected, don’t you? We are infinitely connected. I bring out the Highest in you. When you are relating to Me, you are not relating to less. You are relating to the more that you so crave. I cannot be missing from your life, not even one whit. But your awareness of My Presence can be missing. Don’t miss it.

Thanking Me eases your heart. In a sense, your appreciation bows down to Me. You do know I am the only One to bow down to. We are speaking figuratively here. You bend your spine to Me, and I enliven your spine. My love runs up and down it. My love flows into your spine and is never stuck. Your spinal column vibrates to My love. I run up and down your spine. I electrify it. I give you the best adjustment you ever had. Bending to My Will, you stand straight, and you stand tall. Bending to My Will is allowing the magnificence of the Universe to be at your feet. As you bow to Me, I bow to you, and we stand eye to eye in the full light of the sun which is love.

Everything is love, and yet love has been tucked away somewhere, perhaps waiting for another day. What a waste of love. Bring your love out into the full sunshine where it can be seen, where it can be felt, where it can blossom and promulgate itself. Let your love be like a dandelion puff that is so light it is carried on air and alights near and far. There is no telling how far a tiny seed of dandelion flies in order to fulfill its destiny. Your destiny is to sow love on Earth. What else could you possibly be meant for? Come, fulfill your destiny now.

If you fear that you do not have enough love, well, then, here, take Mine. I have plenty to spare. All My love is used, and it is replenished. Let your heart be full of love and overflow into all the hearts who have been waiting for love, your love, My love, their love. Let love be your occupation. Oh, if only you would let yourself love, beloveds, you would see love multiply before your very eyes. Your love aspires to venture forth into the world. It longs to set out. It will not leave you behind. It will take you with it. You will see the world with your love, You will seed the world, and you will seal the world with your love, and you will heal the world from its long overlooking of love, pretending it away, as if there were more important matters. Sealing the world with your love means breaking up all borders, erasing them from maps and from the minds of men.

Now, thank Me for your heart of gold.

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Dear friends in God, The

Dear friends in God,

The other day i was reading a paragraph in a book by Spalding.

The mention of the word God makes a resonance that amplifies the contact with God zo many times it states!

i believe this is true!
add gratitude to the recepe and ... Oh Lord! what vibrant energy sets free!
a love and healing for all who wish to participate!

a pebble in the water?...

thank You!!!

May God bless you, always,

Dear Leen, How interesting -

Dear Leen,
How interesting - I read that same passage a few days ago in Baird Spaulding's book, "Life and Teachings of the Master's of the Far East". It seemed important to me at the time and now the synchronicity of you restating it confirms it was important for me to remember and put it into practice. I have been trying to remember to feel gratitude for life daily. I seem unable to pray. Words just will not come to me. Maybe this shows me that for now it is enough to simply look up, acknowledge God, and say, "God, thank you."
Thank you for sending your comment.
Blessings to you,

mary Dearest Leen There is


Dearest Leen

There is really no need to 'pray' unless you want to of course ~ in actual physical words I mean.
Feelings are the language of the Soul. Look at the beauty all around you and feel grateful for it all.
Life Itself Is a Living Prayer ~ just be ~ live ~ enjoy ~ and most of all feel gratitude for the precious gift of Life Itself!
Life Is God expressing Itself.

Hope this helps

Much Love and many Blessings to you ~



1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Seal the world with your love and
You will heal the world

Love, Light and Aloha!

mary Thank you for this


Thank you for this lovely day
My Father Mother God I pray
You I love above all things
With joy and love my Spirit sings

You are everything to me
All I have I give to Thee
You are my very life it's true
All I am is of You

Thank you for the sky so blue
Thankyou for the morning dew
Thank you for the sun so bright
Thank you for the moon at night

The rain that falls upon the ground
Kissing the Earth without a sound
Caressing the trees with Love that flows
Bathed in Pure Love, The Earth now glows


Re: Heaven 2448, Thank God,

Re: Heaven 2448, Thank God, 8-8-07


An eleven year old girl in my stepmother’s Sunday School class shared the ten things that she was most grateful for. As with this Heavenletter she was grateful for God too. He was number seven on her list.

L.A. Wittenberg 8/10/07