Temple of God's Grace

God said:

Rise and shine. That's all you have to do. And, that, ultimately, is all that you are doing. You are rising to Life. Unbeknownst to you, you are like a ballet dancer on the stage. The dancer's body is folded, as if she is covering herself on the stage. She unfolds her limbs and rises to her full height. She may not realize the grace with which she does this. Nevertheless, she reveals God's Grace as she rises.

Or, it could be that you are a building being built. There is sawing and hammering. One day the building is built, and it is a Temple of Beauty. It is happiness to view this building. From wood and nails, bricks and mortar, time and energy, the Temple arises. Aided and abetted by other blossoming human beings, the building reaches its heights.

Or, you are My Dream, and My Dream realizes itself. You are the building that is a Haven for All.

You are already created in All Your Majesty. Your task now is to come to the Realization of Who You Are. You are not mere shards of Creation. You are Creation Itself. The blueprints of you were designed, and now you branch out as you remove blinders from your eyes.

You are a Dancer Rising. You are a Temple of Yourself. You are My Dream Fulfilled.

Blessed be you. Blessed be your Life as you reach your True Height. There is nothing else you are, yet it takes some doing for you to come to this Realization that you are all that I say you are. You never were less. This was for you to find out. It is you who is to realize that you are My Dream Come True. Of course, My Dream is Truth. My Dream never lacks. My Dream is fulfilled when a light bulb goes on, and you realize that you are lit up, hand-crafted by My Golden Hands.

You are waking up to the Truth of Creation.

Asleep, now you are waking up. You rub your eyes, for such splendor lies before you.

You are Cinderella at the ball. You always were. The cinders were not real. The stepmother and stepsisters were not real. A kiss from the Prince was true because the kiss signaled your awakening. The Prince rang the bells that awaken you. You hadn't known you could dance. And now you see that you can dance, and now you see all that all your eyes fall on is beautiful before you.

My Vision, which was always true, has come true for you. My eyes have become yours. We look through the same lens. You see what I always saw. My dream that came true became true for you as well.

All of Heaven rejoices. Every cell in your body rejoices. Peace has come. Your heart has calmed down. You turn somersaults of joy. You cannot contain your joy because your joy is Mine. You burst through to another dimension of regard for what I have wrought.

Behold, you are My Light manifest on Earth. We embrace. Once embraced, you are embraced. There is no going back to old States of Consciousness. Now you are Consciousness Itself.

You never were limited to wayward pictures of yourself. We were already wed from the first instant of Creation, although Creation had already been created. Just now you have burst through all your ignorance. Now you are Light Adept. Now, Creator and Created are One, and now you see this for yourself even as you are My Self unabridged, unwrapped, revealed to yourself in all My Glory. This is the Dance of Life We dance.

You never were who you had mistaken yourself for. You will never make that mistake again.

We are the only Ones who have to know, and We know. Ego has blown its gasket. Ego is nowhere to be found. In your Being, there is no space and no time. Ego is a product of space and time.

In Infinity, ego has no place. Ego that is so small cannot itself fit into Infinity. Infinity is, We can say that Infinity is wide open, and yet there is no place for ego in Infinity. Ego is an aside. You can love ego while it lasts, yet ego is no more. Ego could have had a heyday, yet you rose without it. With ego, you can't rise. True Love rises now. True Life arises now. Welcome. You are risen.

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A breathtakingly strong and

A breathtakingly strong and impressive Heavenletter! I am unable to quote one single sentence of it for every sentence is so brillant, so stunning.

Thank you, dearest God, thank you, beloved Gloria, for this gift to all of us!

Loving you, Clemens

Yes Clemens

I totally agree with you. Love, Christine

Beautiful Divine Message

I am inspired by every Heaven Letter and this one has me filled with Joy knowing who I AM. Thank you.