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Sweet dreams...

I am going to share a dream with you. (Not a night time dream...but a wish...a desire) And the reason I am sharing this dream is: 1) It will be fun to express the dream in writing for the first time for people who will understand, and that expressing the dream in writing appears to be the next step in the fulfillment of this dream. 2) Expressing this dream is a gift to you...showing you that it is safe and okay to have is also very important to have express them. I have had a lot of dreams in my life...but for the most part...they were very vague. You see, I was so afraid of dreaming, that the only dreams I dreamed were vague and incomplete on purpose. This way, if the dream did not materialize, I wouldn’t be so disappointed. I used to be so afraid of disappointment.
Jimi is going to take over now...and talk about dreams in general ...and then this particular dream:
“Jimi here now. Thank you Jim, your are a dear one. I am very happy to be here and tell you just a bit about dreams...and how sweet they are....and how vital and vibrant dreams can be. Dreams are food for the soul. Dreams are rich and meaningful. Dreams can be so much fun...they can be fanciful, delightful, beautiful, inspiring...they can be exotic or even romantic. Dreams can also be quite healing: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love dreams. I absolutely love them.
I am here to tell you that it is safe to dream. It is utterly safe and okay to dream. Dreams are now, officially out off the closet! Dreams are out of the dark and now out in the open...into the natural light of day.
I can feel what you might be thinking and feeling: You are thinking that this is too good to be true...that if you dreamed like you did when you were a child, you will be disappointed once again. You may even be thinking that someone you respect will come along and mock your dreams....tell you that you are silly...and that the dream is just pretend. You are afraid of what others may think and say...and you are most afraid of what you will say to yourself about your dream. You are maybe even afraid that you are too old to dream....or even that there is apart of you that will just not permit you to dream.
I am here to tell you that it is indeed safe to is entirely permissible to is entirely okay to dream. You know what else? Dreaming is delicious...profoundly delicious. Dreaming is akin to flying like a bird...being totally free to fly any way you wish: fast, slow, soaring, careening into canyons...floating over valleys...following the jet streams over vast supported...always supported. Free to fly...and free to dream. And here is a clue that may help: Forget about the manifesting part. And of course, manifesting is wonderful....but the real juice is in dreaming...because dreaming is pure creating...and there is much joy and juice in creating. So dream beloveds...dream away...anything and everything. Your heart will be so happy you started dreaming!
So what about my dream? It is really Jim’s dream...but I am only too happy to facilitate. Let’s explain it this way: Jim is a patron who has just entered a fancy restaurant. And this particular fancy restaurant has an infinite menu. Jim is here to look at the menu and salivate. Dreaming is like salivation...juicy...remember? But dreaming is a lot more satisfying than salivation.
So what is Jim looking at? Jim is looking at a part of the menu describing buildings. Jim wants to have a building...a huge building dedicated to peace in the world. And something important again to bring up...Jim has done his homework and is not focusing on whether or not this project will manifest or not...that is a detour.or even a cul-de-sac.....and not the point at all. Jim is most focused on dreaming: preparing a place in his consciousness for the creation of the...perfect building...for the promotion of peace and meditation in the world. And...he is unafraid to really dream could also call dreaming visceral planning....cause it is so juicy.
Lets have a peak in Jim’s heart...where the real construction is going on. Don’t forget your hard hat!:
The building appears to be located north of Sedona...just out of the city of Flagstaff, Arizona. It is in a sparsely forested flat area just south of the Grand Canyon, at about the 7,500 feet elevation with some snow in the winter. The building is perfectly round with at two main levels. The roof is an inverted, shallow saucer shape...with a beautiful wall of floor to ceiling glass window panes. The top, main floor, is a large, circular open expanse of approx 100’ radius. The lower, second level is partially beneath the surface of the ground and is divided into many pie shaped meeting rooms. The walls of these rooms are like spokes of a wheel starting at the hub or geometric center of the building. And imaginary lines of these walls extend out beyond the building to designate different garden types in the world...peace gardens...jungle, desert, mountain, ocean, lake, planes, etc.
Now...all of you may not be enamored with buildings...but Jim is really in love with this one...Cause Jim can dream anything he wants...right? I, Jimi, am here as kind of a connecting link between Jim and the Divine. I am God’s waiter. I am so, so pleased to be God’s waiter.
And a reminder again...(We’re going to leave Jim for he continues to work out the design details...) This is just one of Jim’s that for some reason came down and landed in his heart...He really does love this dream. That is a big key...for you too: Love your dreams...Dreams are not assignments or have-to’s. Dreams are love projects...without deadlines...
So...Here is an open invitation to consider dreaming...just create a little space in your heart for a special dream. and dreams can be are some examples: If you are having health challenge, how about a dream of vibrant health, what about a romantic rendezvous, what about a rendezvous with God, what about a new car, what about world peace, what about inner peace, what about an abundance of money? Anything is permissible for a dream.
Dreaming is freedom...dreaming is flying...dreaming is fun and fulfilling. Dreaming is food for the soul. And dreaming, beloveds, is safe.
Peace...and loving you always...and sweet dreams, Jimi.

Dearest and sweetest Jim(i),

Dearest and sweetest Jim(i), :wub:

Dreams are now, officially out off the closet ???? how I love playing with you and float in the love that connects us.

How I love these here:

Dreams are food for the soul.
Dreams can also be quitehealing:....
..floating over valleys... folowing the jet streams over vast oceans...
..the real juice is dreaming...

Oh Jimi, you are like Christmas, only we can have fun and gifts and sweets each day thanks to this Heavensite !

I love the building Jim is dreaming about, for peace and meditation and all things and thoughts and activities that
bring us back to God, to Source, to our inner Child....... I'd love to participate to a meeting in the pie shaped rooms !!
If Jim can see it and have fantasies about it, it is already in construction, just stay tuned to the dream and never stop dreaming.

Something we can do to help you making this dream come true ??????? 8)

I did catch my breath when I read about floating over valleys and the oceans, for I do this sometimes. I just fly and float, through the oceans, through the earth, in the sky, it a fantastic feeling of being free and ONE with Nature/God/Life...
I did fly with a herd of wild horses who were galopping the hills and valley at full speed, I was flying at full speed with them, that is really fun, for I love all animals, but horses I love so much.
Dreaming is really such fun and so delicious as you rightly say. I was one of those kids who were always day dreaming. Huh: ;)

Thanks for this special gift about dreams sweet Jimi, love your heart, love all that you share and love playing with you !! :blushing: :Rolleyes:
Much much soft and sweet and tender love to you ! :wub: